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Get a Floating Share Box like WPBeginner – Smart Sharing v1.1

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You probably notice that WPBeginner has a floating share box on all posts. We released a plugin over a year ago known as Smart Sharing. Smart Sharing plugin lets you maximize the power of your current readership to get you more votes in social media. This plugin adds a scrolling box with social media icons on single post pages, so as your reader scrolls down the page, they will continuously see the share button. We are applying B.F Skinner’s Positive Reinforcement theory to marketing. Your user will feel obligated to share the post which in return will help you get more traffic, leads, and conversions through the use of social media. Your quality content will get the exposure that it deserves, and it will also create a healthy community for your brand in social media networks.

There was a major bug in the plugin that was long overdue to be fixed. In this quick release v1.1, we have fixed the major bug, and made several updates. So what is added in this new version?

Major Bug Fix

First, we fixed the issue of the floating box running over the content. Previously, the box was attached to the browser window rather than your content. So when the user on smaller resolution, or smaller window size opens your site, the box would run over content. In this new version, the floating box will never do that. It is attached to your content, so if the window is small, then it will simply be hidden. In order to add this feature, we had to get rid of the feature which lets you pick which side of the content you wanted the floater to be. Now, it is automatically on the left hand side just like WPBeginner.

Updated Social Media Buttons

When we first launched Smart Sharing Plugin, we did not have official tweet button, or facebook like button. So we were using a lot of unofficial third-party scripts such as Tweetmeme, FBShare, and such. In this new version, we replaced the tweetmeme widget with the official retweet button by twitter. We also replaced the inaccurate FBShare script with the official Like Button (that also comes with a Send Button).

All the previous options such as overriding options for single posts, selecting which button shows up on which posts, customizing the look and such are still there.

This plugin is exclusive for our newsletter subscribers.

Download Smart Sharing Plugin

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  1. Syed Balkhi says

    Hey WPBeginner readers,
    Did you know you can win exciting prizes by commenting on WPBeginner?
    Every month, our top blog commenters will win HUGE rewards, including premium WordPress plugin licenses and cash prizes.
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  2. stefnbob08 says

    Hi guys, I have installed the plugin successfully but it appears twice on my page. One on my left, which is where I want it and it scrolls just fine and the other on the right and it’s static. I don’t have any other social media plugin installed so how can I correct this? Thanks for your time!

  3. undasein says

    Hi guys, and thanks for your work! Excellent plugin.

    Is possible to show the box in the home page (not only on page-single post)?

    Thanks in advance, Im looking at the plugin code but im stucked (beginner) ;)

  4. Mission0ps says

    HI there … GR8 looking and functional plugin.. I just would like a little help getting it straight. I have it set up on and changed the background box colour. Now the plugin doesn’t scroll. I don’t have a FB like button installed.. any ideas?

  5. NarenderSingh says


    The plugin is really nice, and helps in more sharing, but the plugin is breaking all the LightBox plugins I use.

    Is there any way to correct this? I want to use lightbox, but can’t leave Smart Sharing too.

    Please Help

  6. DankoPuskaric says

    Hello, this plugin is not working. Actually, it is working, but I get this plugin twice on the site; at the top, and left (where he need to be). I tested it in three templates, and it is always same… My blog is , please help!!

    • wpbeginner says

      @DankoPuskaric This usually happens for two reasons: Either because your theme has two calls to wp_head(); or that you are using some sort of FB like plugin for WordPress.

        • wpbeginner says

          @DankoPuskaric Was this our facebook open graph meta data plugin? or someone else’s?

        • DankoPuskaric says

          @wpbeginner hehe, yes it was your plugin: Simple plugin that adds Facebook Open Graph Meta information in WordPress themes to avoid no thumbnail issue, wrong title issue, and wrong description issue.Do you have some solution?

        • wpbeginner says

          @DankoPuskaric Will release an update either today or tomorrow. Then will update you here.

  7. gdradu says

    @ChristianPillaca in plugin u have a space where u can add css code for google+1


    <div id=”googleplus1″>



  8. dchabot3 says

    @HicksNewMedia You can also add it to the single.php page in the loop just before <?php the_content();?>., or whichever page your theme uses for posts.

  9. GPD says

    Ha right after I post this I added if_page next to if_single and I had it posting to the pages. It did mess up my sliders so I will have to visit it another day.

  10. GPD says

    This is a great floating share bar. I agree with the others that the bouncing is not for everyone but that is fixed easy enough with CSS. Since I have never tried to figure out PHP I am going to have a more difficult time getting it to post on pages but I am sure I will figure it out.

    Thank you for all the work you do.

  11. christianvuong says

    @gdradu or you can use CSS to overwrite the settings of it. something like this:

    #sharepost { position: fixed; margin-top: 0!important; top: 50%;}

    it will help vertical center the box.

  12. gdradu says

    @OmarKattan what theme do you have?

    If u have thesis remove that line and uncheck jquery scrips from design options > Home Page Display Options > JavaScript. and

    design options > JavaScript > Sitewide JS Libraries.

    On my site is working like here. It stays on middle of the site.

    And sorry for my english again, if i wrong with something :)

  13. gdradu says

    I’ve found the solution for plugin to stay fixed like on this site.

    1. Search this code on Plugin editor.

    add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘ss_css’);function ss_css(){ if (is_single()) {?><script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script><script type=”text/javascript”> $(function() { var offset = $(“#sharepost”).offset(); var topPadding = <?php if (get_option(‘top_distance’)) { echo get_option(‘top_distance’); } else {echo ’20’; } ?>; $(window).scroll(function() { if ($(window).scrollTop() > { $(“#sharepost”).stop().animate({ marginTop: $(window).scrollTop() – + topPadding }); } else { $(“#sharepost”).stop().animate({ marginTop: 20 }); }; }); }); </script>

    2. Remove this line:

    else { $(“#sharepost”).stop().animate({ marginTop: 20

    And Done.

  14. gdradu says

    i’ve found the solution.

    1. Search this code:

    add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘ss_css’);function ss_css(){ if (is_single()) {?><script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script><script type=”text/javascript”> $(function() { var offset = $(“#sharepost”).offset(); var topPadding = <?php if (get_option(‘top_distance’)) { echo get_option(‘top_distance’); } else {echo ’20’; } ?>; $(window).scroll(function() { if ($(window).scrollTop() > { $(“#sharepost”).stop().animate({ marginTop: $(window).scrollTop() – + topPadding }); } else { $(“#sharepost”).stop().animate({ marginTop: 20 }); }; }); }); </script>

    2. Remove this line.

    else { $(“#sharepost”).stop().animate({ marginTop: 20 });

  15. gdradu says

    Hy and sorry for my english. How to make the plugin to stay fixed like on this site? I don’t like that bouncing :)

  16. gdradu says

    Hy and sorry for my english. How to make the plugin to stay fixed like on this site? I don’t like that bouncing :)

  17. gdradu says

    Hy there and sorry for my english. Please tell me how to make smart sharing plugin width fixed like on this site?

  18. SethA.Frank says

    @wpbeginner @HicksNewMedia Ok but how do we make it not jittery? If people are uninstalling your plugin because they dont like that doesn’t that mean there should be some sort of fix for it? We like the WPBeginner floating scheme. There five other people that commented about the same thing.

  19. wpbeginner says

    @HicksNewMedia @SethA.Frank It should never show up on your homepage. Because there is a conditional tag is_single << The jitterly scrolling is a JS that we are using which was something we used per our client’s request.

    Soon, WPBeginner will be using the very same effect as well.

  20. SethA.Frank says

    @HicksNewMedia @SethA.Frank I really hope we can get a fix or a reason why it does it because the one on this page works exactly like I would like mine too. Not jittery at all

  21. HicksNewMedia says

    @SethA.Frank I had to uninstall the plugin for this exact reason – jittery scrolling and appearing at multiple locations on the homepage.

    Hopefully they’ll release an update soon

  22. SethA.Frank says

    I am in the same situation. I have it up an working but its not smooth like on this site. It’s all jiterry when you scroll. Help!

  23. ErickaBourne says

    Having a problem in displaying the share box on my site, I’m using WordPress 3.1.3 and Convergence template. What seems to be the problem?

  24. says

    Hi- I tried to upload and configure but it’s not displaying at all.. any ideas? I’m using WP 3.1.3

  25. MattAlgren says

    I really like the concept, and the execution is great except that I’d rather have it sit still like on wpbeginner instead of bouncing around whenever a user scrolls up or down.

    Is there a quick way for me to change that?

  26. Melissa Cleaver says

    I had problems with trying to place it on the right side of my blog’s page and I agree with the comment above that the floating is not smooth. It jumps constantly every time you scroll down. I went back to the original version for this new one seemed to have more bugs.

  27. Adi says


    Very nice plugin! Previously i paid to get such addon developed for each of my plugins, but now i don’t have to!

    Regarding it’s position, what ever i write in here:
    Icons Distance From The Edge

    It’s showing up at the same place?

    Any idea what is going on?


  28. Norb Winslow says

    I delete the older version and upload the new version. Isit the correct way? But I tried many times and still not working.. Now I using the old version again. Pls help me!

  29. Suraj says

    I installed it on the blog but it’s not floating, it’s not moving, is it because of thesis theme or other problem?

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