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Archives for January 2013

Best WordPress Themes for Churches 2013

WordPress is being utilized as the go-to tool for creating websites and building an online presence. WordPress makes it easier for those with little technical skills and low budget to create an online presence for their small communities. In the recent years, we have seen… Read More »

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How to Add MP3 Audio Files in WordPress

Do you want to add MP3 audio files in WordPress? By adding MP3s files to your website, you can share music, podcasts, interviews, and other audio with your visitors and customers. This can make your site more engaging and get people to stay for longer.… Read More »

How to Add a Theme Demo Bar in WordPress

Most WordPress theme shops and marketplaces utilize a theme demo bar to make it easier for their users to preview themes. A theme demo bar is a toolbar that appears on top of a website with a theme selector menu. It allows you to create… Read More »

How to Add EXIF Photo Tags in WordPress

Do you need to add EXIF photo tags in WordPress? EXIF tags contain lots of information about your photos, such as the camera manufacturer, exposure, and when the photo was taken. Whether you’re selling images online, teaching other photographers, or simply showing off your work,… Read More »