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We are celebrating the 4th Birthday of WPBeginner with the largest WordPress giveaway ever. Thank you for your support.

Over 200+ free prizes with combined value of $25,000

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$25 donation educates one child for one year.

Help Build a School
Syed Balkhi - Founder of WPBeginner
I'll match every $ donated up to $25,000
That's enough to build a school. If WPBeginner has ever helped you, and you want to give back, then please help us build a school. Read More…
Syed Balkhi, Founder of WPBeginner
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Help Build a School

I believe that basic education is a right not a privilege. A $25 donation educates a child for one year. I will match every $ donated up to $25,000 which is enough to build a school. If WPBeginner or I have ever helped you, then please consider supporting this cause. Why am I doing this?

Help Build a School
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