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How to Properly Switch WordPress Themes on Your Site

Switch WordPress Themes

Are you looking to change the WordPress theme on your site? It’s a fairly easy process, as long as you keep a few things in mind. In this article, we will show you how to properly switch WordPress themes. Preparing for a WordPress Theme Switch… Read More »

Posted on:
Jun 12, 2014
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Beginners Guide: How to Install a WordPress Theme

How to Install WordPress Themes

Are you looking to install a WordPress theme? As a beginner, you probably have heard about tons of available free and paid WordPress themes. As you’re starting out, you may want to try out a few themes on your site until you find the right… Read More »

Posted on:
May 15, 2014
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How to Move JavaScripts to the Bottom or Footer in WordPress

Load time

Recently, one of our readers asked us how they can move JavaScripts to the bottom in WordPress to increase their Google page speed score. We are glad they asked, because honestly we wanted to write about this. Previously, we have talked about how to properly… Read More »

Posted on:
Oct 4, 2013
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How to Properly Add JavaScripts and Styles in WordPress

Properly Add Scripts and Styles in WordPress

Recently we did a code review for a plugin one of our users wrote. The plugin worked fine, but the developer wasn’t following the best practices on loading external JavaScript. WordPress has an enqueue system to add external scripts and styles which helps prevent plugin… Read More »

Posted on:
Jul 2, 2013
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Best WordPress Themes for Churches 2013

Church Themes for WordPress

WordPress is being utilized as the go-to tool for creating websites and building an online presence. WordPress makes it easier for those with little technical skills and low budget to create an online presence for their small communities. In the recent years, we have seen… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 25, 2013
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WordPress Body Class 101: Tips and Tricks for Theme Designers

WordPress Body Class

Through out our experience of using WordPress, we have found that often theme designers overthink a certain functionality. They are looking for crazy WordPress filters and hooks to accomplish a task when all they need is some simple CSS. WordPress by default generates a lot… Read More »

Posted on:
Oct 10, 2012
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How To Show Number of Queries and Page Load Time in WordPress

WP Queries

One of our users asked how do other sites show number of queries and page load time in the footer. You will often see this in the footer of sites and it may say something like: “64 queries in 1.248 seconds”. In this article, we… Read More »

Posted on:
May 2, 2012
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Coffee Lounge – A WordPress Theme for Cofee Shop, Bar, or Bistro

Coffee Lounge WordPress Theme

While checking our emails for interesting tips, we stumbled across a tip from our friends over at Themefuse. They have released a pretty niche oriented theme for coffee shops, bars, and bistros. The theme is called Coffee Lounge. It is a visually stunning theme that… Read More »

Posted on:
Apr 5, 2012
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Beauty Style Free Theme from New WP Themes

Beauty Style

The great people at New WP Themes have a free theme out for your enjoyment. New WP Themes is a repository of free, custom made themes for WordPress. All of their themes are supported and compatible with the newest versions of WordPress.

Posted on:
May 26, 2010
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