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17 Popular Universities That Are Using WordPress

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17 Popular Universities That Are Using WordPress

WordPress is an excellent software for managing content and blogging. In one of our showcase about 21 Popular Brands That are Using WordPress, we tried to prove that WordPress is a reliable software because it can be trusted by top class brands listed in there. But one article is not good enough to convince those who think that open source software are not reliable, therefore we have compiled a list of 17 popular universities that are using WordPress.

1. University of Florida

University of Florida

2. Duke University

Duke University

3. Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School

4. Cornell University

Cornell University

5. University of California – Berkeley

University of California - Berkeley

6. MIT


7. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

8. University of Virginia

University of Virginia

9. Oregon State University

Oregon State University

10. Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University

11. University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne

12. University of South Florida

University of South Florida

13. University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

14. Boston College

Boston College

15. University of Berlin

University of Berlin

16. University of Calgary

University of Calgary

17. Azusa Pacific

Azusa Pacific

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  • Naomi

    Thank you for the list! I am selling my services for a university department and I needed to show examples of others univerties that use WordPress. After the ones in your site, they can´t say no to WordPress.
    Cheers, Naomi

  • yudi

    WordPress is the most famous CMS rght now. I wonder when Indonesian universities could exploit using wordpress engine for their web.

  • Glenn Platt

    We use it at Miami University:

    • Editorial Staff

      Another good university using WordPress. Thanks for suggesting

  • Mario A . Núñez

    At the University of Puerto Rico we are using WPMU for faculty blogs: . There are more than 350 blogs. Also you may find this list useful: .

    • Editorial Staff

      Thanks for suggesting that link, we wish we would’ve searched more. That is list very resourceful.

  • free movies

    i think WordPress is most usely CMS in these time in the world
    and Also i used wordpress cms in my personal blog.

  • Jorge L. Suátrez

    In the University of Puerto Rico, we used for our news, events and alerts system. You can see it in:

    Nice resource by the way!

    • Editorial Staff

      We are sorry that we missed your university in the collection. Perhaps in the next roundup we will be sure to mention it.

  • Phaoloo

    It is easy to understand why WordPress is continuously used by many famous organizations. It is simple, effective and free.

  • Aaron D. Campbell

    Harvard uses WordPress for more than just faculty/student blogs. They also use their Program on Negotiation
    I know because I worked on that one.

    • Editorial Staff

      Thank you for bringing that to our attention. You have done a great job. We will be sure to include it in our next showcase if applicable :)