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  • WPBeginner Staff

    Yes you can but both outlook and gmail now require a small fee to use your own domain name.

  • Andre Imbayago

    Microsoft has pulled the plug on this.

    I’ve setup a petition to Microsoft to allow us to keep our accounts as is without migrating them to Office 365.

  • Katie Metz

    Thank you for this information. It was very helpful!

  • Katie

    Thank you so much!! This is such a great guide to setting up a custom email. You helped me and my family’s Company to add a professional touch to our email services! I only have one problem and that is when I entered the new MX Record I was not aware that you would have to delete any existing Records in that area otherwise it will interfere with the activation of the account. Other than that I’m totally happy!

  • Nagulan Shan

    I need to know the screen shot. it will help us more.

  • Jagath Singh

    How can I increase the mail ids limit from 50 to 500 for free?