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Our Editors and Contributors

WPBeginner is a collective effort of our editors, contributors, and our audience. We try to recognize all of our guest authors who have contributed to WPBeginner in their specific posts. If you want to be a contributor, please check out our Write For Us page for application, requirements, and rewards. Below you will see our WPBeginner Editorial Staff. Please feel free to support them by visiting their sites, and following them in social media networks.

Editorial Staff

Syed BalkhiSyed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner. He is known for his agressive marketing skills, creative designs, and expertise in SEO. Syed has been in the industry for over eight years, and he has worked with some of the top brands in the industry. He is known as “the WordPress Ninja” among our clients because he is a total WordPress Geek. He used to blog at Check it out, and follow him on twitter.

David PeggDavid Pegg is the editor-in-chief of List25 and senior editor here at WPBeginner. He is popular among our team for his creative skills including but not limited to article curation, campaign ideas and more. David has a Masters degree in International Business. He loves to break dance, do flips, play guitar, and everything else that is fun. You can follow him on twitter.

Amanda RobertsAmanda Balkhi plays an important role in our editorial staff. Amanda is a University of Florida student known for her excellent communication, and leadership skills. Now married to Syed, Amanda is in the Board of Directors for Awesome Motive, and she often contributes by writing an article at WPBeginner. Amanda is on twitter, and you can .

Zain BalkhiZain Balkhi is Syed Balkhi’s 8 year old brother. Zain is an elementary school student who loves evaluating UI/UX on iPad games, and websites. He has been working with WordPress for a year now. Zain is a bright piece of creation at work. Zain inspires us, motivates us, and make us work together. Zain has received gifts from multiple companies that claims him to be a future successful blogger. Zain’s website – Life of Blogger.