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RafflePress - WordPress Giveaway Plugin


Compatible up to: WordPress 6.6

RafflePress is the most powerful WordPress giveaway and contest plugin in the market. The drag & drop builder combined with proven giveaway templates make it easy for you to launch viral giveaway and contests with just a few clicks.

We created RafflePress with a performance and results first approach making sure that it is extremely fast at all times and every action helps you grow your website, FASTER.

RafflePress has all the features you will need to create a powerful giveaway / contest for your website or online store.

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How RafflePress Works?

RafflePress helps you turn your visitors into brand ambassadors. As a result, you get more website traffic, email subscribers, and social media engagement FASTER without buying any paid ads!

Once you setup your viral giveaway with RafflePress, it helps you capture visitor’s attention with the free gifts that you’re offering … and what happens next is AMAZING.

To enter the giveaway, website visitors must use their email address. This helps you grow your email list.

RafflePress incentivizes your website visitor to share the giveaway to get more entries into the contest. This helps you increase social media engagement.

The word-of-mouth marketing helps you get more traffic, FASTER! This results in more followers, more sales, and more revenue!

RafflePress is a tool that we built for WPBeginner because we know how effective this technology is. If you’re serious about growing your website traffic, social media followers, or your email list, then you need RafflePress.

RafflePress Features:

  • Drag & Drop Giveaway Builder
  • Viral Giveaway Templates
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Giveaway Widget
  • 1-Click Entry + Fraud Protection
  • Viral Sharing (Refer a Friend)
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Email Marketing & CRM Integrations
  • Giveaway Landing Page
  • Tracking and Reporting

RafflePress Actions:

RafflePress offers goal focused giveaway actions to help you get more subscribers, get more social engagement, and get more website traffic.

Get More Subscribers Actions:

  • Visit us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Visit us on Instagram
  • Follow us on Pinterest
  • Visit our YouTube Channel
  • Join an Email Newsletter

Get More Social Engagement Actions:

  • Refer a Friend (Viral)
  • View Facebook Post / Video
  • View Instagram Post / Video
  • Watch a YouTube Video

Get More Website Traffic Actions:

  • Tweet a Message
  • Share a Facebook Message
  • Visit a Page
  • Answer a Question
  • Invent Your Own

After reading this feature list, you can probably imagine why RafflePress is the best WordPress contest plugin in the market.

Ready to grow your website traffic with viral giveaways? RafflePress takes only a few minutes to setup, and there is a risk-free 14 day money back guarantee.

Get RafflePress Now

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Not ready to buy the Pro version? You can also try RafflePress Lite for free.


Compatible up to: WordPress 6.6