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編集メモ: WPBeginner のパートナーリンクから手数料を得ています。手数料は編集者の意見や評価に影響を与えません。編集プロセスについて詳しく知る。

アップルの新しいiPadは、他のアップル製品と同様に話題を呼んでいる。1日で70万本以上が売れたという。WordPressは、「WordPress for iPhone/iPad OS 2.4」というアプリケーションの新バージョンを発表した。これは、アップルのiPadに対応したWordPressアプリの最初のバージョンである。

このアプリケーションには新しい機能は追加されていない。WordPressが機能追加なしでリリースしたのはこれが初めてだ。WordPress 2.3(iPhone版)でできることはすべてiPadでもできますが、新しい画面の大きな領域を生かすようにデザインされたインターフェースになっています。




iPad for WordPress

iPad for WordPress

iPad for WordPress

iPad for WordPress

iPad for WordPress

iPad for WordPress


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  2. FL says

    The ipad is a great wanna have gadget, but i seriously believe that all those apps, even apps in general have no real future. Yeah the ipad is creating another buzz but keeping track of all those different platforms to create apps for them is killing apps in general. Html and css will take over, especially if you look at their development and cross platform usage.. and are easy capable and usable for creating online apps. I think that should be a goal.

  3. Win Htoo says

    I had tried iPhone version, but it’s not a convenient one for me to write something long.

    I think iPad will be great and with your screenshots, blogging will be easy with that Apple device too.

  4. MT says

    Thanks for the review, guys! I’m interested to see what we’re able to do in the future with image alignment, rich text editing, and lots of other stuff. You guys should make sure you’re not serving your mobile theme to the iPad, though — your normal design looks great on it. :)

  5. Jake says

    These screens are so awesome, I wish I had an iPad to mess around with! I tried updating Inside the Webb a few times from my iPhone and the app there works well, but the iPad has so much more room for edits and typing.

  6. Luis says

    In the iPhone version you don’t get to choose where the image is to be displayed. How about in the iPad version? Nice post, thanks.