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Adding LinkedIn share button in WordPress






Copy the LinkedIn share button code






LinkedIn Share button in action



先ほどコピーしたLinkedInシェアボタンのコードをWordPressカスタムHTMLウィジェットに直接追加することもできます。外観 ” ウィジェットページにアクセスし、「カスタムHTML」ウィジェットをサイドバーに追加するだけです。


Linkedin button in a sidebar widget


LinkedIn share button in sidebar


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  1. Syed Balkhi says

    Hey WPBeginner readers,
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  2. Sanket Bhardwaj says

    Hey, Thanks for providing this code. I have added this button on my website but now when i want to remove this It came back again and again. I have removed the code from functions.php but it came again and again.
    Please help Me.

  3. Gabriela says

    Anyone know why when you share your blog here in WordPress to LinkedIn, there is no picture attached? I do have one but it disappears when I try to share it to LinkedIn. I shared it in Facebook and Twitter and it works good but not in LinkedIn, The text appears good but no picture. I don’t get it. Tips? Thank you!

  4. Emily says

    Does anyone know of a way to add the LinkedIn share button to a “free” wordpress, for which I own the domaine? Not sure if this matters, but I think maybe the other company is “hosting” the wordpress page. Anyway, I’ve tried the text widget and adding the html to the end of a blog post. Don’t think either is working because I just get a weird looking hyperlink that takes someone to a page of text….

  5. Electra Ford says


    I’ve added the code but it’s not showing for me. Any new updates on how to get the LinkedIn share button to display?


  6. sinhrakesh says

    I used below codes in the Custom Codes section to add Google+ and Linkedin Share buttons on my WP Blog (


    <div class=”sharer”><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> <g:plusone size=”tall”></g:plusone></div>


    <div class=”sharer”><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script><script type=”in/share” data-url=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” data-counter=”top”></script></div>

    Google+ Button is working fine but Linkedin Share isn’t getting the desired result upon clicking… Can you please advise whats wrong where?

  7. wpbeginner says

    You are welcome. Yes horizontal one works great, but if you have a floating share box like ours, then the vertical share box is good too.

  8. Keith Aul says

    I’m not to sure what you mean by the following?
    To add the Official Linkedin Share button simply open up a theme file of your choice (single.php etc) and add the following code within the Post Loop

    I don’t want to break anything on my site so I want to be sure I’m able to find the right file and open/edit it. Where would I find the theme file in my dashboard and where in the file do I post the code?

    • Editorial Staff says

      You will find the theme file in your theme’s folder wp-content/themes/yourthemename/ < Editor and edit single.php file. If you have no knowledge regarding WordPress, then we recommend that you wait till a plugin comes out.


  9. Piet says

    Finally LinkedIn did this, a week too late though, but I managed to make something similar for myself.
    Next time I need it, I will just grab your code, thanks!

    • Jose Joel says

      The Share This Plugin have the option to add the LinkedIn Button as simple as writing linkedin the editing section of the plugin…and this one have count… ;)

      Note: I’m not the developer of this plugin, neither work for them, I’m only a regular user… :)

  10. Jon Bishop says

    I’m happy LinkedIn finally did this. I tried to use their API to make my own for the Socialize plugin but it ended up being a pain. I was able to finally use this code to update the plugin with the new LinkedIn button.