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How to Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest (Step by Step)

Are you looking for a simple way to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest?

Verifying your website on Pinterest will unlock great features like Pinterest analytics, ads program, stats for your photos, and more.

In this article, we will show you how to easily verify your WordPress site on Pinterest.

How to Verify Your WordPress Website on Pinterest

Why You Should Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing photos, videos, and other visual content. It allows you to create an account and manage your images like Instagram or Flickr.

It also allows other users to collect website links and other visual content by creating boards.

If you are running a photography website or any other type of blog with images and videos, then Pinterest can be an important source of traffic.

Verifying your website on Pinterest will help you learn more about your visitors using Pinterest Analytics. You will also be able to participate in their ad program and plan a strategy to grow your Pinterest traffic.

That being said, let’s take a look at how to easily verify your WordPress blog on Pinterest.

How to Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest

Before we start, you will need to upgrade your Pinterest profile to a business account. This will allow you to use all their Pro tools like analytics, ads program, and more. The Pinterest business account is free and easy to set up.

Then, let’s get started.

Video Tutorial

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If you’d prefer written instructions, just keep reading.

Step 1: Upgrade Your Pinterest Account to Business

First, you need to log in to your Pinterest account and click on the down arrow in the top right corner of your screen. Next, click on the ‘Unlock business tools’ option.

Click the Unlock business tools option

On the next screen, you will see a list of features the business account will offer.

To use these features, click the ‘Switch to business’ button.

Select the Switch to business button

After that, enter your business account details like a profile name, website URL, country, and language.

Once you have entered all these details, click the ‘Next’ button.

Build your profile

Pinterest will now ask you to describe your business. You can select an industry from the drop-down menu and pick 3 goals from the given options.

After that, click the ‘Next’ button.

Describe your business

On the next screen, you will be asked to select an option to get customized recommendations.

Once you have done this, make sure you click the ‘Next’ button.

Get customized recommendations

Now you will be asked to select an option if you are interested in advertising on Pinterest and then click the ‘Next’ button.

For this tutorial, you can select the ‘No, I am not planning to advertise’ option.

Planning to run Pinterest ads

Next, Pinterest will show you different options to get started with your business account.

You can click the ‘cross’ icon in the top right corner to skip this part.

Where would you like to start

Step 2: Claim Your Website on Pinterest

The next step is to claim your website on Pinterest.

To do that, you can click on the ‘Claim domain’ button from your Pinterest Business hub page, and it will directly take you to the claim settings page.

Claim domain in Pinterest

Another way to claim your website is by clicking on the down arrow in the top right corner and selecting the ‘Settings’ option. Then head over to the ‘Claim’ section in the left menu.

To get the credit for your content on Pinterest, click the ‘Claim’ button for Websites.

Click websites claim

Once you click the button, a popup window will appear with three options to claim your WordPress website.

We are choosing the ‘Add HTML tag’ option because it is the easiest.

Choose how you want to claim

However, if you prefer, you can choose the other option where you download the HTML file and upload it to your website’s root directory using an FTP client or your WordPress hosting file manager.

You can also add a verification record to your domain settings using your domain registrar.

Step 3: Add HTML Tag to Your WordPress Website

There are multiple ways to add an HTML tag to your website’s header, but we will only cover the two easiest methods.

Add Pinterest HTML Tag With an SEO Plugin

First, you can use the All in One SEO (AIOSEO) WordPress plugin and enter the HTML tag to your website. For more details, follow our guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

AIOSEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress and makes it very easy to optimize your site for search engines without hiring an expert.

While we recommend the Pro version, you can also use the free version of AIOSEO to add Pinterest verification.

To add the HTML tag, go to All in One SEO » General Settings and then click the ‘Webmaster Tools’ tab from the top menu.

After that, click the ‘Pinterest Site Verification’ block.

AIOSEO Webmaster Tools

Now enter the HTML tag you copied in the previous step in the Pinterest Site Verification field.

Then, you need to click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Enter Pinterest Verification Code

Add Pinterest HTML Tag With a Code Snippets Plugin

Apart from using AIOSEO, another way of adding the HTML tag is by installing and activating the WPCode plugin.

Upon activation, you need to visit Code Snippets » Header & Footer page in your WordPress admin area. In the ‘Header’ section, you need to paste the HTML tag. Then, click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Insert HTML tag in header script section of WPCode

Once the HTML tag is added to your website’s header section, you need to go back to the Pinterest screen and click on the ‘Continue’ button in the popup.

It will now ask you to enter the URL of your website and then click the ‘Verify’ button.

Verify your site in Pinterest

Once you do that, you will see a message saying, ‘Verification in progress.’

Normally, the process takes 24 hours, and you get an email about your website’s verification.

Verification in progress

That is it! You have now successfully verified your WordPress website on Pinterest.

Tip: If Pinterest fails to verify after you have added the verification code, then it means you need to clear your WordPress cache.

We hope this article helped you learn how to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest. You may also want to see our guide on how to create a contact form in WordPress or our expert picks for the must-have WordPress plugins for your website.

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  1. Hi

    I’ve done this, but after 22 hours or so Pinterest says it can’t find the meta data. Is it be because I have the coming soon page on? Or is security to high or something? If you can help. It happened with confirming gsuite email address aswel.

    • That would be due to your coming soon page likely not including the meta information


  2. Thank you so much for this!!! I was trying to figure out how to link Pinterest for the 4,000th time, and your tutorial is the first that made sense to me. You are a teacher at heart. It worked!

  3. Do you need to have the premium/paid version of the Yoast plug-in? I don’t have the options you refer to in your step by step process. The only place I can input anything regarding social is through the wizard, and this only allows for your social site url.

    • The method in this guide does not require the paid plugin, you may want to ensure your Yoast SEO is up to date and you should be able to see the options under SEO>Social in your wp-admin area


  4. Thanks for this concise video! I went through all kinds of confusing posts and finally found this! This solution worked. Pinterest leaves you hanging!

  5. Awesome, thank you so much for this! The instructions I found through WordPress did NOT work, so this was perfect.

  6. Still having problems claiming my website, when I click save changes button after entering meta tag for pinterest, it directs me to 404 error page

    • You would want to reach out to your hosting provider to ensure nothing on their end is causing this error.


  7. Hello, could you do the html tag with a personal plan? I don’t have a business plan yet. I do I need a business or a premium plan to install hmtl?

  8. I was really so lost and confused. I was going around in circles to get this done. I then found this page that is so beautifully explained, I am so thankful for the support you give others.

  9. Hi there. I have been trying to claim my website for 3 days with no luck. I have literally tried every single way possible, but I just get a message after many hours telling me that they couldn’t find the HTML meta tag or the verification file. I am waiting on a reply from Pinterest. I don’t know what esle to do.

    • Have you cleared all caching and reached out to your hosting provider to ensure they don’t have caching that would be showing the old page without the HTML tag?


  10. WP Beginner’s text version of how to claim your website helped me get further in the process than any of the similar how-to articles I’ve encountered on the internet. So, many thanks.

    When I say I got further in the process, I mean that I nearly completed it but not quite. When I selected the Pinterest tab, entered the meta tag at the Pinterest confirmation window, and hit save changes, no box appeared, pop-up or otherwise. Any idea what I should do next?

    • There shouldn’t be a popup from Yoast when you save normally but it should be added to your site. Once you clear your cache and give Pinterest 48 hours to recrawl your site it should be able to see the tag.


  11. Hi there

    I’m not on a wordpress business plan, I think my plan’s called premium or personal (one step before business). Can I still verify my Pinterest account another way? The ways shown here don’t work for me, I don’t have yoast / seo link on my dashboard, and I don’t want to upgrade to a business plan at this stage just to enable plugins for this site verification.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    • If you check’s support documentation they should let you know what options they have available currently


  12. Hi I tried using both yoast and insert header footer widgets but both didn’t work. For yoast, there weren’t any options for SEO at all. For insert header footer widget, do I have to use it with elementor as I’m using that to build my website? Thanks.

    • The insert headers and footers plugin is not a widget, it adds code to your header. You could check with Yoast if there is a conflict but the most common issue is if you have a caching plugin that is preventing the required code from being seen.


  13. Thanks so much for this! I’ve been putting off doing this because every time I try and figure out how to, I’m left frustrated! This tutorial was exactly what I needed!

  14. Hi, thanks for your post. Very informative! You wrote about claiming a website on Pinterest. Is there a way to unlink it? Thanks in advance.

    • Unless I hear otherwise, there isn’t a method for unlinking at the moment other than closing the account.


  15. I am having trouble accessing the wp-admin dashboard to select and customize a theme. Is it possible to upgrade the plan through Pinterest? If so, how much would it be? I do not need the expensive Word press business plan; I am not Tech savvy. I just need to launch a simple blog and promote educational, health, hair and beauty products without copyright violation. I would be grateful for your wise counsel.

    Kind regards

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    When I’m going to verify my website then it is showing this message

    Domain failed to be verified. Try again!”

    I’m using woocommerce, fastcomet for hosting and Yoast SEO seo plugin

    Please help me. Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

  19. I do this, both methods, and it just links me to a page saying, oops! That page cannot be found. Why won’t it save my link?

    • You may want to first resave your permalinks and if you continue to have that error you would likely need to reach out to your hosting provider to ensure there is not a setting on their end causing that error.


  20. Thank you for the text and video tutorial. My challenge is l don’t even see the menu tab on Pinterest and the 3 dots take me to messages.l’ve been hovering over my profile picture and nothing.Please help.

    Thank you in advance

  21. Thank you so much for this very easy tutorial! I already had Yoast so the process was done in 2 minutes!

  22. Hi,
    Just to say big thanks:). I wasn’t aware that Yoast can connect with Pinterest and verify my site. A lot quicker and faster than looking in CP to add that tag manually.

  23. This video was great and crystal clear. However, I am still having trouble with Pinterest not yet verifying my website. I have multiple claim tickets out there but largely non answers. Has anyone had this trouble? I have not yet launched the site…could that be the trouble? Appreciate anyone who can help with suggestions!

    • If you have a coming soon page active, that is one of the more common reasons that your site is unable to verify as Pinterest cannot reach your verification tag.


  24. Thank you so much for this tutorial – you made the process super simple to follow and get this done quickly!

      • Hi There,
        Thank you for this great article, however, I have not yet been successful in having Pinterest verify my website. Could the issue be that I have not launched site yet? I have followed the very clear video and article and I am on 24 cycles with Pinterest. There is no chat or live person.

        • If you have a coming soon page up, that is the most likely reason your site is not verifying on Pinterest.

  25. Great tutorial. I wasn’t sure how to verify my site on WP so this was just what I needed. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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  27. Thank You this tutorial was so easy I was not sure how to do this I did tried to claim my website several time with no results, Pinterest email and said it wasn’t claimed.
    Thanks again,

    • Cynthia,
      I see you had a problem with Pinterest verifying your site…what finally happened? It’s nearly week of an effort and still no luck.

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