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Started in 1998, iPage powers over 1 million websites, and it is a well-known brand in WordPress hosting. With 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, and 1-click WordPress install, iPage is a perfect place to start. You get a free drag and drop builder, free security suite, and everything else you need to build a successful website. On top of that, they are offering WPBeginner users an exclusive 83% off discount and a free domain. This makes iPage the most budget-friendly web hosting provider in our list.


  • Affordable Hosting
  • Free domain name
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 1-click WordPress install
  • Free SSL, Speed, and Security


  • No cPanel
  • No Monthly Billing

WPBeginner users get an exclusive 83% off discount and free domain!

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iPage Review from Our Experts

iPage makes web hosting easy for budget-conscious website owners. Their simplified WordPress hosting plans are packed with plenty of features to grow your website. See our expert iPage review to decide if iPage is the right choice for you.

iPage offers feature-packed hosting plans for all kind of websites. If you are just starting out, then their shared plans can be an attractive option for you.

In this complete iPage review, we will go through their promises and test their hosting. These are the areas we will look into:

  • Reliability: Will your website be available to usersm24/7/365 without any downtime?
  • Performance: How fast will your website load on iPage?
  • Customer Support: Can you count on their customer support?
  • Features: Does iPage offer all the tools and features you will need to build your website?
  • Pricing: Do they offer the best pricing in the industry? Are there any iPage deals that can save you money?


Bottom Line: Want to skip the details? Let us summarize the review for you. We found iPage to be a fast, reliable, and customer friendly hosting company.

That’s why we have chosen to recommend iPage as one of the best WordPress hosting companies.

Now let’s dive into our detailed iPage review so that you can see for yourself how we reached that conclusion.

About iPage

iPage started in 1998 and steadily grew to become one of the top hosting companies. Today it powers over 1 million websites, and it is a well-known brand in WordPress hosting.

About iPage

Pros and Cons of iPage

Before choosing a web host for your website, you may want to carefully review their pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of iPage that we learned:


First, let’s take a look at the advantages that make iPage the top choice.

  • Low cost plans: iPage offers one of the most low-cost shared hosting plans in the industry, which makes them great for newbies, personal websites, and small businesses.
  • Customer friendly: iPage offers a wide range of tools and services that help customers easily build their websites and grow their business.
  • $500 Worth of Extras: You will also get free Google AdWords and Bing credits, free listing, and Site Analytics Suite.
  • 1-click WordPress Install: All plans include 1-click WordPress installation, unlimited databases, email accounts, storage, and bandwidth.


iPage is not without some disadvantages, here are a few that you may want to consider.

  • No cPanel: iPage doesn’t support cPanel which is the most commonly used web hosting control panel used by most hosting companies. If you are used to the cPanel, then you may have a bit difficulty finding your way around.
  • No Monthly Billing: iPage doesn’t offer monthly billing for any of their shared hosting plans. If you need monthly billing then you will have to upgrade to VPS, WordPress hosting, or Dedicated hosting plans.

iPage Performance

Finding a better hosting company is all about finding the perfect balance between pricing and performance. You don’t want to end up with low cost hosting and poor performance.

That’s why decided to run our own tests to properly measure the performance of iPage hosting.

iPage Speed Test Results

Speed is the most important indicator of a well-performing hosting service. No one, likes slower websites, even search engines punish slower websites and reward faster websites with higher rankings.

Studies suggest, that a single second delay in page load can cause 11% less conversion and 7% less page views. Users don’t want to wait for a site to load when another site is just a few clicks away.

Strangeloop website speed study

Your web hosting plays the most important role in your website’s speed. If your host is slow, then no matter what you try on your website, your page load speed will remain below average.

That’s why we decided to speed test by creating our own test site on iPage.

Our test site was powered by WordPress and used Twenty Seventeen theme. We also imported dummy content including images.

After that, we used Pingdom website speed testing tool to run our tests. You can see the results in the screenshot below:

Pingdom test results for iPage

According to Pingdom, our website loaded in less than 3 seconds and was faster than 60% of the websites tested.

We also decided to check how iPage will handle traffic spikes.

To do this we used a tool called LoadImpact. It gradually sends up to 100 users to a website and records the page load time.

You can see the results in the chart below:

Ipage LoadImpact test

The green line in the chart represents page load time and the blue line shows the number of users on our site.

As you can see our test site became a bit slow when there were about 50 users on the site. After that it remained stable even though the number of users kept increasing.

That’s good for a shared hosting server because you share resources with other accounts hosted on the same server. Those websites can also face traffic spikes at the same time as you do.

The good thing is that iPage remained stable and responsive through out the test.

iPage uptime

iPage Server Response Time

As you would know that content on your website affects its page load time. For example, if a page has many images, then it will load slowly.

This also means that a normal speed test result will not accurately show how fast a server responds.

To test this we used another tool called Bitcatcha. It is different than other website speed testing tools.

Instead of measuring entire page load time, it ignores the content and records the server response time. It does that multiple times from different locations around the world to get average results.

You can see the iPage server response time results in the screenshot below:

iPage server response time test results

As you can see our test site responded in less than a second for all locations except Japan. If your target audience is located mainly in Japan, then you may want to look for a server closer to that region.

These tests show that iPage is quite fast and reliable for most parts of the world.

iPage Hosting Plans and Features

iPage’s shared hosting plans are particularly attractive for beginners and new websites. However, they also offer VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and more.

Even if you want to start with a shared plan, it is good to know that you can upgrade your hosting plan as your website grows.

  • Shared hosting: Shared hosting is the perfect plan for new websites with low traffic. With shared hosting, your website will be sharing server resources with other websites hosted on the same server.
  • WordPress hosting: Similar to shared hosting plans, these plans are optimized for WordPress powered websites.
  • VPS hosting: An upgrade to shared hosting, VPS hosting allows you to share resources with multiple servers on a cloud architecture. This gives your website more room to grow.
  • Dedicated hosting: A whole server dedicated to your hosting needs. Dedicated hosting gives you powerful features and performance. It is suitable for high traffic websites or enterprise and large businesses. The downside is that you will have to manage the server yourself.

iPage’s shared hosting plan is the most attractive option for starter websites and small businesses. It is one of the the most low-cost shared hosting plan in the industry and comes with a robust set of features.

iPage Support and Customer Service

We all need help now and then and its good to know that you can get quick help when you need it.

iPage offers 24/7 support via phone, live chat, and email. Apart from direct help, they also have a large knowledge base with articles, tutorials, videos, and guides.

For our iPage review, we contacted their support staff multiple times via live chat and asked them complicated questions. We found customer support to be knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help.

We also sent them a few support emails and got response in few hours each time.

Overall, we found their customer support to be quick and very helpful.

Conclusion: Is iPage the Right Choice for You?

After reading all these details, you might be wondering if iPage is the right choice for your website?

iPage offers one of the most low-cost shared hosting plans. If you are just starting out with a small budget, then iPage can be a great starting point for your website.

They offer all the tools you will need to build your website with reliable and fast servers.

Ready to start your website with iPage? Click here to select your iPage plan.

iPage Coupon

WPBeginner users get an exclusive 83% off discount and a free domain with our iPage coupon code.

All you have to do is click on this link to purchase. The discount will be applied automatically.

WPBeginner users get an exclusive 83% off discount and free domain!

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  1. Ipage is the best choice for hosting and unlimited web hosting, storage, unlimited bandwidth is available at the very less price. I will surely use this coupon code for a high discount on hosting purchase
    . Their tools, process, and expertise are bringing up their business online and attracting many customers

  2. I have been using iPage for years and I absolutely love it. I currently host one business website with iPage and I also use the service to park another domain. I appreciate all of the user friendly features like website builders and domain pointers. The prices are highly competitive and I’ve always received timely responses when I contact iPage with a question or concern. Highly recommended!

  3. I have been using iPage for many years now and very happy with their services. The hosting cost at their servers is also very reasonable which is why I have switched to them in the first place. The cPanel at iPage is also very user-friendly and easy to use. I have used many cPanels at others hosting companies but I still like iPage’s cPanel the best. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, iPage is the greatest place to be. Their customer service is also excellently which I highly recommended.

  4. Ipage best in hosting. Good prices, professionalism and very correct in terms of quality and price
    I have had iPage for years now and it is great. It is affordable, reliable and easy to use. The web design choices are easy for beginners and they have advance options for experts. The email program is great – simple, and reliable.

  5. I am a graphic designer who works mainly in print. However, my clients often ask me about web design as well. I plan on experimenting with Word Press rather then more complicated programs like Dream Weaver. I purchased a hosting package through iPage because their costs were very competitive and they got great reviews. Since then their service has been very reliable and their customer service super helpful.

  6. Hello,
    I am a content writer and online publisher. I created my website with Ipage and in a couple of seconds, my website was live. This is my third year with Ipage. Creating a WordPress website with Ipage was easy and fun for me, as all necessary installation kits were arranged and the steps well-detailed, making it simple, stress free for a none technician like me. Ipage operates a 24/7 customer service, and their technicians respond within the shortest possible time. Apart, Ipage’s knowledgebase problem solving device is always available and superb for use, giving answers on needed topics. Ipage’s hosting costs are affordable compared to industry average. Ipage is good and I plan to open another website with them.

  7. I used IPage for my last website and the Weebly option was so easy, my site was up in just one day. I have also been pleased at how easy it is to pick up the phone and reach customer service.

  8. iPage hosts the website for, and has been doing so for a number of years. Switching to iPage was the best choice. Not only do you get professional and prompt assistance, but the site is user friendly and the services are cost-effective. Wonderful hosting site, great tech-team, and lots of options.

  9. I created a site for my snooker coaching business and chose IPAGE to host my site.

    I must say that I am very happy with the level of service and the company as a whole. Despite having very little experience I managed to build a website in just a few minutes and the user interface is very easy to use.

    The support staff are very good and the few questions I have had were answered very quickly and in a friendly manner.

    I would definitely recommend IPAGE especially to anyone just looking to build up their business.

    Well done IPAGE. Keep up the good work!

  10. iPage has been a good experience for me. Their customer service is excellent. When I post a question on their site, I always get a complete answer the following day.

  11. I have used for four years. Through them, I purchased two domain names and have run my web sites through them. Being a very average Internet user the immediately available assistance steered me through the processes needed originally and since then. I can only rate with the highest marks because every dealing I have had with them has been accommodated flawlessly. I have no urge or reason to consider any other provider than

  12. When I started my business, I needed an inexpensive easy to use web hosting page. I was not savvy with making my own website, but I page is so easy to use, even for a non-techie like me. My website has never gone down!! They are reliable, affordable, have great customer service and now I even enjoy updating my website. I even get weekly reports regarding the traffic to my website. I would highly recommend them for your hosting needs.

  13. No company provides better service
    than I-Page.
    Great leadership
    Great staff
    24/7 top notch service

  14. I-Page has remained reliable, easily accesable, highly talented and the very best company that my business has ever dealt with.
    For 5 years they’ve provided superb service and by an incredibly patient and extremely knowledgeable staff.

    Kudos to the top mgmt of this fine
    organization !

  15. I changed over from my old provider to iPage after doing much research and comparisons. They made my transition smooth and painless. I am very happy with my service.

  16. We have been an iPage client for over 10 years, we have had only to call or contact customer service on maybe four occasions and that was when we first started to use their service for orientation and assistance in some setting up, the response and resolution was and always is speedy and resolved by iPage’s knowledgeable and courteous support personal.
    We always just renew our services automatically from iPage!
    iPage has many tools, actually more than we can use and for their customers for business and personal Web need and requirements.
    Great up time, support, reasonable & economical pricing Hosting, services and no interruptions whatsoever!
    Thanks you for all your services and support iPage!

  17. I got so lucky when i started using ipage, their customer service has being very awesome. Even though, a lot of people believe that costly services are always the best but with ipage is very different. ipage is affordable and reliable. Good for WordPress and also fast. I plan to upgrade to ipage VPS hosting with my website.

  18. I have been using ipage to host/update my website for about 3 years now. The user control panel is very easy to navigate through, and the customer support team is top notch. I switched over from Godaddy and the price is competitive. I would defiantly recommend ipage even if you are a beginner they will walk you through any questions.

  19. When I needed to find a new host for my website, I searched the Internet. iPage had the best deal and the best service representatives to answer my questions. Definitely a great provider, and I’ve been with them ever since.

  20. I picked iPage to host my author’s website several years ago ( purely because iPage had a template I really liked. I still really like (and use) that template, but have since discovered more things I like about iPage. The dashboard is powerful yet easy to use, and their customer service is prompt and first-rate. I completely recommend iPage.

  21. As a multi-service provider we needed more than just a website. We got a dedicated server that serves our many sites. We have had excellent results from iPage over the last few years. The server has been dependable and the ONE time there was an outage iPage communicated the status to us until it was fixed. Their support is great and the price was far better than other companies.

  22. I really like using iPage and have been impressed with their customer service over the past 3-4 years I’ve had my site. I would definitely recommend iPage to anyone who just wants an easy-to-manage, professional webpage!

  23. Hi,
    Ipage is a user-friendly service that I would highly recommend. The support team is efficient and takes the time to understand the issue in a timely manner. I host all of my websites on Ipage to maintain consistency and updates.

  24. Hi,
    I have truly enjoyed the customer service and quick response from Ipage. The hosting has been excellent and very user friendly. As WordPress becomes more popular, I have found that Ipage makes every effort to stay in touch with the WordPress community to make it easier to use.

  25. I switched to iPage hosting from a large hosting company that I had become less than happy with. I reviewed many hosting companies before making the choice to go with iPage I found that iPage had everything I needed in a hosting company and at a much better price than others offered. I have never had any problems with them, they are there to help me if I need it and while they don’t do the work for me, they point me in the right direction. If you check you will be what I have been able to build with them. I recommend them to anyone looking for new hosting.

  26. Hi to All

    I am using ipage hosting services for four years with full satisfaction, service is stable, no down time, service suite include web hosting and E-Mail services.

    good support and reasonable prices.

    I would say that this is the kind of service I expect and I plane to keep using IPAGE as my company web hosting provider.


  27. Ipage best in hosting. Good prices, professionalism and very correct in terms of quality and price. Ipage the firm to recommend to all hosting sites.

  28. When I planned to host my website, I had a budget problem. Ipage gave me a very good package with a very less and affordable price.

    The technical support team are very helpful and I get instant resolution for my queries.

    I don’t think any other hosting company can beat Ipage offer and I recommend to use Ipage hosting service.

  29. I have been using iPAGE for a couple of years and find the service is very good. Any issues or questions that come up are answered by their help personnel in an efficient and timely manner. The Weebly drag and drop site builder is very easy to use and allows you to add text, documents, photos and hyperlinks. It is a really nice product.
    John Barry

  30. I have had iPage for years now and it is great. It is affordable, reliable and easy to use. The web design choices are easy for beginners and they have advance options for experts. The email program is great – simple, and reliable.

  31. I was new to blogging when I signed on with iPage, which enabled me to easily set up WordPress and my own website. Eventually I also signed on for affordable monthly plan that focuses on WordPress support. When I have occasional issues/problems, iPage has always fixed things or helped me fix them. I can recommend them without reservation.

  32. As a user of iPage hosting for the past 3 years I have seen their product and services grow with the industry to the extent that iPage provides superior products and services without the gotchas that other providers are prone to. Their recent adoption of an improved webmail client was timely and further sets them apart from the competition. As a WordPress user I have found their hosting to provide excellent access to and wonderfully easy setup for WordPress sites; their various helper functions smooth over any potential difficulties initiating a new WordPress site.

  33. Hi everyone
    I am from Armenia and I have created my online success with ipage.
    This is my web site,
    I am a web programmer and i am suggesting everyone who need professional service to start his business with IPAGE. I am 4 year with Ipage and my problems which were connected with hosting account solved maximum during 20 minutes. I like their support quality and appreciate it very much. I will never change my hosting because ipage is cheaper, has easy interface, works fine and has very fast support team.

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