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Develop WordPress Core and Get Paid by WPBeginner

At WPBeginner, we have always strived to give back to the WordPress community through our thousands of free tutorials, free WordPress help in our Facebook Group (over 55,000 members), and numerous free WordPress plugins.

Today, we’re taking our commitment to the next level.

We want to hire WordPress developers to work primarily on WordPress core.

If you want to work on WordPress core and get paid to do so, then this is your chance!

Goal of Your Role

Our primary goal with this role is to give back.

We’re committed to help make WordPress better.

Because we know when WordPress succeeds, so does WPBeginner and our premium WordPress plugins.

There is an aspect to this role that we think benefits both WPBeginner and the wider WordPress community.

It’s important to us that as WordPress develops and grows, all different sides of the WordPress community have a “voice” in what’s happening.

We believe that when you bring more talented people to solve challenging problems together, it leads to better software / solutions.

That’s why we’re asking for someone to work on WordPress core 80% of their time. You will spend the remaining 20% of your time on helping us improve our various free plugins to work with WordPress core. This means talking to our product team, and doing patches on our products.

Your Focus: WordPress Core

The best fit for this role would be someone who is already working on, or wants to work on, the WordPress core software to make it easier for beginners.

This includes but not limited to: Gutenberg (including full site editing), autoupdates, localization, security, and general trac ticket triage (especially the older ones that need attention).

Who are you working with?

You’ll closely work with our various product leads including Syed Balkhi, Chris Christoff, Jared Atchison, and Thomas Griffin.

And of course, the respective WordPress team leads, project leads, and release leads.

Where are you working from?

That’s up to you! You can work from anywhere you want as long as we can keep in regular contact (mostly through Zoom & Slack).

Awesome Motive is a 100% distributed team (fully remote).

What about compensation / perks?

Working for a fast-growing bootstrapped company is a rare opportunity, one we consider a lifestyle choice rather than a job choice. Our positions are challenging, but also come with amazing advantages and fulfillment to those who earn them. Here’s what we offer.

  • Competitive Salary
  • Health Insurance, Dental, and Vision benefits for full-time U.S. employees.
  • Work from your home. We’re spread out all over the world – United States, Canada, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Singapore and more.
  • Unlimited PTO after 90 days of employment. We encourage employees to take the time they need for vacation, to stay healthy, and to spend time with friends and family.
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave.
  • We happily provide or reimburse software you’ll need as well as books or courses that promote continued learning.
  • We give you the opportunity to solve challenging and meaningful problems that make a difference.
  • Custom Branded laptop at your five year anniversary.
  • We cover all costs of company travel (including our annual all-company retreat and mini-team meetups).
  • Ability to work with some of the best people in the business through frequent, if not daily, interactions.
  • And in case you were wondering: no politics, no b.s., and no jerks.

Ready to Apply?

We are looking forward to your application letter! Please, take the following in mind: submitting a motivation letter is a required part of the procedure.

The application process consists of three parts: an introductory job interview, a practical interview, and a final meeting. These steps might be divided over multiple days.

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