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Behind the Scenes

Aside from all the other plugins that we have mentioned on the blueprint page, we have quite a few others that we are using in our backend. Some are actual plugins whereas others are just snippets of codes that we are using in our site-specific plugin. Here goes the list:

No Self Pings – Every time you mention your own blog post in a new post, WordPress automatically pings that post. This becomes really annoying after a while specially if you show pings in your comments section. Here is a good article on TrackBacks and Pingbacks 101.

Members – This plugin allows us to add new roles and limit content permissions by users. We use it specifically for role management in WPBeginner.

Post Types Order – We use this plugin to have a custom order of display for our posts and other custom post types. By default, you can order your posts by ID, author, title, date etc. But there is no easy way to give a custom order. This plugin lets us do that with an easy drag-drop interface.

Simple Page Reordering – Just like the plugin above, this plugin lets us do the same for pages only. Normally you can use the page ordering numbers, but what if you add a new item that has to be in the middle. You will have to change the number for everything. This plugin lets us use the drag-drop interface to order our posts.

Excerpts for Pages – We wanted to add excerpts for our WordPress pages. The snippet does that.

Random Post Redirect – This allows us to redirect users to a random post in WordPress if they add /random/ at the end of the url. Mostly used on the archives page.