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How to List All Authors From Your Blog in WordPress

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How to List All Authors From Your Blog in WordPress

In Multi-Author blogs, it is great to list all authors, so the reader knows who is behind the site. We have written a guide with 21 Great Plugins to Manage a Multi-Author WordPress Blog Efficiently. In this tutorial we show you a manual code that you can use to list all authors from your blog.

You need to place the following code where you want to display this list:

<?php wp_list_authors('exclude_admin=0&optioncount=1&show_fullname=1&hide_empty=1'); ?>

That will display the list. Now here are some parameters so you can adjust and tweak the code to your needs.

  • exclude_admin: 0 (include the admin’s name in the authors list) / 1 (exclude the admin’s name from the list)
  • optioncount : 0 (No post count against the author’s name) / 1 (display post count against the author’s name)
  • show_fullname : 0 (display first name only) / 1 (display full name of the author)
  • hide_empty : 0 (display authors with no posts) / 1 (display authors who have one or more posts)

The plugin called List Authors Widget does this for you, but if you want to do it manually above is the way you can do it.

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  • takaitra

    Another good list authors widget, with more features:

    I’ll look into adding an option to show avatars.

  • Gagan

    Thanks alot..

  • Gagan

    I’ve have a question, how to show top 10 contributors ?

    • Editorial Staff

      With this plugin, don’t know if there is a way that exist, but there are other ways that exist. We will do a write up on that.

  • Fonda


    How can you add gravatar and descriptions?


    • Editorial Staff

      What do you mean by descriptions? To add gravatar, you would simply have to add the code for author email in the gravatar code.

      • James Duffell

        The description is referred to as “Biographical Info” within the users profile

      • Anton Trollbäck

        Hi! Thanks for this great little plugin. But I would also like it to show gravatars. I don’t really understand “add the code for author email in the gravatar code.”
        Do you mind explaining? :)