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  • Brijesh

    Great Tip! But i got a problem. It locks admin login from others ips, but if a registered user sign out from site, code also restricts that. I mean when user click sign out, it gives forbidden message. How to solve it?

  • Rafaqat

    Thanks for your quick guideline to protect from excessive and illegal log in attempts. Actually there is a free plugin “better wp security” that can manage nearly all security issues regarding,login attempts,wp.config file,.htaccess file and many more. I think one should give it a try.

  • Kris

    To get around the dynamic IP issue you can reference an htpasswd.

  • Baptiste Legrand

    Thanks for this great tip ! But i’m a but confused : should I paste this snippet in my root .htacess file, or into my wordpress/.htaccess file ?

    Cheers (and btw, I just LOVE, keep up the good work !)

    • Editorial Staff

      Paste it in your wordpress/.htaccess

  • Editorial Staff

    With dynamic IPs this can be a pain. You can set Apache Protect on it, but that is a bit more complex. #whitelist line is just to let me know which IP is which.