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  1. christelle BRETAUDE says:

    I suppose It doesn’t work with
    isn’t it,?

    • Editorial Staff says:

      You are correct. It doesn’t.

      • soc says:

        Thank you for an incredibly helpful tutorial. I have one problem feedburner is delivering my blog index page and not a new post Could you please tell me how to fix that

        thank you

  2. Maria Marsala says:

    I’m a bit confused. I just went to feedburner and set up an account. I also set up an email subscription link on my website.

    What is the difference between this great tutorial and what I did? Do I need both? Is this better than what I did (and how)?

    Thanks much.


    • Editorial Staff says:

      FeedBurner email delivery only delivers items that you publicly post on your site. This article shows how to use FeedBurner to send things that you do not push out public.

  3. GaryFoo says:

    This is a great post! How wonderful it is to have found this. Just one question:

    say my website is “”

    and my category-slug is “email-cs”

    Then the above shall be:

    Is it correct?

  4. DulceDeLauryn says:

    This is an awesome integration feature. Thanks so much for this post, it’s definitely going to be implemented on one of my sites right away!

  5. wpbeginner says:

    @woodsman.dan If the plugin doesn’t work, then you would need to exclude the category from your loop and feed manually.

  6. woodsman.dan says:

    Step 3. Considering that 3.2.1 and ACE DO NOT function together seamlessly, what is that alternative method you mentioned for advanced WordPress users, regarding individually adding the code to each file?? Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

  7. vishalkhialani says:

    thank you for this post. I have started to implement this on my blog

    I would like to suggest a followup post where you can now compare aweber and feedburner solution I think it would be great !

    If you need help let me know maybe I can help you can get in touch with me at vishalkhialani

  8. RealDoctorStu says:

    Excellent stuff – much appreciated for putting this together! Very useful.

  9. Jon Bishop says:

    This is awesome.

    I used the post notification plugin on my own site but that meant sacrificing all of my posts. Works for my purposes tho. With a bit of custom code in the functions.php I hid all posts from users that don’t have a cookie set by following links from an email in the newsletter. Then I forwarded all requests to the feed to the subscribe page. Only thing missing is tracking clicks out of the emails.

  10. Adieska says:

    This is what I currently looking for… How to create private newsletter in an easy way. Thank you for creating this step by step tutorial… I’ll implement this method as soon as possible…

    Best Regards,

  11. Jon The Engineer says:

    Very nice article. When I generate more users I hope to implement this solution or go with Aweber. Pretty slick. Keep it up.

  12. Navin says:

    woha..that was a fantastic tutorial. I managed to create News Letter for my blog using the tutorial you provided. Thanks again :)

  13. MK says:

    Hello there.

    I am looking for a newsletter to put in my wordpress.

    I was wondering what controls you have over this.

    1. I have a list of emails on my hand. Can I manually subscribe them by myself?

    2. Does it send out welcome message once someone subscribes?

    3. Does it give the choice for ppl to unsubscribe easily?

    4. Any limits on how many emails at once?

    Thank you! Great tutorial!

    • Editorial Staff says:

      There is no easy way of manually adding emails to FeedBurner. It does not send a welcome message. People can subscribe easily with a link in their footer. No limit to how many emails.

  14. Adnan says:

    Hi in some web site I see that they are giving their Free Product only if i put my email address there. This is a Great trick to build up list for further use. Most of them use aweber service which i can’t. Can i do it with FREE service like mailchimp or Feebburner ??

  15. Liew says:

    Excellent tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Wojciech P. P. Zieliński says:

    Thanks for this article. I think I’ll try it for my new page.

  17. humaira says:

    very helpful indeed..but i am having problem. My post is not sent as an email newsletter to the subscribers though the post is available in the feedburner which means the feed has been burnt successfully but no email to the subscribers….plz help

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Feedburner does not send out an email instantly. It delivers once every 24 hours on the time that you have it set as.

      • humaira says:

        not even after 24 hours the email is sent out. I am assuming that any new post i write in the email newsletter category will be sent as an email to the subscribers.

        • Editorial Staff says:

          There must be a setup error Humaira because feedburner sends out an email once a day.

  18. Mknight says:

    Is it typical for the newsletters to go straight into spam? I find it that if providers like Google and Yahoo don’t recognize or trust the source (like they would with Aweber), then they’ll place the newsletters directly into Spam.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      It depends on the information in the newsletter as well. Sometimes Aweber newsletter from some providrers go into SPAM.

      • Mknight says:

        Thanks, I decided to try it out on my email address. I just completed the tutorial and I wanted to know how I can edit the way the subscription box appears on my website. Are there other choices to choose from?

        • Editorial Staff says:

          Editing the look of the email box is simply HTML and CSS. You would have to have good knowledge of both of those languages in order to do that.

        • Mknight says:

          Sounds good…Thanks!!

  19. Ramnath says:

    It feels better to learn the trick. Thanx for sharing.

  20. Mihai O. says:

    Great information, thanks!

  21. surya says:

    thats really a great stuff. thankz a lot. will use this in our corporate blog, which will be launched soon.

  22. Morten says:


    Pretty cool way to do this, newsletter thing!

  23. Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

    Excellent tutorial though I haven’t got need for an email newsletter service @ the moment. Would make a great addition to my blog posts of the week this Friday.

    @Lucas: It appears that Feedburner sometimes fails to send out emails. My last blog post is yet to be delivered to my inbox and I wonder why.

  24. Tony says:

    That’s ingenius! Screw Aweber and spending money! Problem with this method though is that you still don’t have access to readers’ email addresses.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Yes you do, you can see the emails by simply going to your feedburner account and click on View details about subscribers and it will show the breakdown. In this case it will be just email subscribers and you click on that and it will list all emails.

  25. Rick says:

    Great tutorial. For newsletters I currently use, which is free for mailings of up to 1000 a month. In future I will definitely consider using this as an alternative, though.

  26. arman arjmand says:

    Thanks, This is a great tutorial !

  27. Blog Profits says:

    This one’s a first class tutorial, you are one genius still living today lol. It was long to read but it’s worth it. I hope I can make it work. Can you also manually add emails in there?

  28. Sakthi Ganesh says:

    Really brilliant tip.But in this method we have very little control over handling newsletters like handling bounced newsletters, replying mails, advanced tracking and much more.

    But this will be great news for beginners who are seeking ideal and promising platform for delivering newsletters at free of cost

  29. Dean Saliba says:

    Fantastic. I’m going to use this to create my own email newsletters on my other blogs. Thank you very much. :)

  30. tatotk says:

    Excellent! Only missing select via blog-by-mail the category of post. It would be perfect!

  31. Lucas says:

    So I have tried to do this for a couple days now, NO E-MAILS!!! The feed is getting to feedburner (shows up) but they are not sending any e-mails. I have tried 2 separate Google accounts all sorts of different settings, etc. Notta! ANY, and I do mean ANY help you could give me it would be MUCH appreciated! THANK YOU!

    • Editorial Staff says:

      We can’t tell you anything until you tell us more details. Which feed, which site etc. Do not comment here instead use the contact form for further assistance.

  32. Danny Foo says:

    It would’ve been great if you showed what the newsletter would appear as in the recipients inbox. AFAIK, Feedburner doesn’t allow you to customize the template sent to the recipient.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      It looks just like Feedburner emails look like. If you don’t know how that does, then it is best that you research that first.

  33. Alex Duvot says:

    does this work

  34. Delightful Shopping Webmaster says:

    Well Written Tutorial! Thank you very much.. have learned soo much from this, I would prefer this over Mailchimp.

    • Cosmin says:

      Why? You can’t do real email marketing with this, the author says that himself… Just because it’s “free” ?

      • Editorial Staff says:

        You cannot do real email marketing with this not because it is free, but because it does not offer a lot of the features you would really need in the future if you got serious into email marketing. You cannot send out welcome email to subscribers with this, you cannot send out emails when you want to without hassling with the settings every time. There are a lot more that you cannot do, but if you were using Aweber, you can.

  35. Michael Soriano says:

    very useful indeed. i’m liking this site a lot.

  36. Web Design Mumbai says:

    wow, this is an amazing and a very useful tutorial.


  37. kutis says:

    for me, the only problem with feedburner as a newsletter is it doesn’t allow importing email addresses.

  38. Lakita says:

    Thanks for this! I use a paid service for my main site, however I have a few other projects that will have smaller newsletters and I was thinking of trying something like this. Having this as a resource will be helpful.


  39. Scott says:

    Thanks for this, going to try it now.

  40. Rachel Nabors says:

    Simple and thorough! Great job on covering all the cracks one might forget about.

  41. Karthick says:

    Thanks, This is a great tutorial to use feedburner with WordPress, :)

  42. Karen says:

    Thanks for the info. Very clear tutorial. I’ll have to try it.

  43. Len says:

    We have been doing something similar except we haven’t hid the category, as our blog postings really are the newsletter for us. For an example please see Thanks for sharing your technique.

  44. Christian Leu says:

    If you really want to make professional Newsletter Marketing then this solution is nothing worth. You have no control over the subscribers as well as you have no idea if somebody will read your newsletter. I think its better to check the Mailchimp Service which is for up to 500 Subscribers free. With Mailchimp you can even use a WordPress Page as source for the newsletter as well as i have implemented a subscribe to Newsletter Checkbox in the comments area. :-) But, have fun with this feedburner e-mail newsletter.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Like we said by no means this solution can compare up to the features offered by professional services like Aweber and Mailchimp. But this is just one functional method for new bloggers who want to try out things.

  45. Eugen Oprea says:

    Great tutorial.

    A good idea for a following post would be to show how to get insights about the newsletters performance.

  46. Missy says:


    Followed you over from the PB forum. Great tutorial! My main concern or question is:

    Is there any way to do this without resorting to using the ACE plugin?

    Let me know, as I once used the ACE plugin and nearly destroyed a blog of mine. It’s very confusing a plugin.


    • Editorial Staff says:

      There is a way to do it without the ACE plugin, but that also has downsides in terms of pagination and such. This is by far the most efficient way to do this. We suggest that you install ACE Plugin and follow the settings exactly how we have it. Try it on a test blog first, and then imply it on your real blog if you are comfortable with it.

  47. Jaxrolo says:

    This looks really good. I will try it on a couple of my blogs.


  48. Josh says:

    Thanks! This is great and I will def use it!

  49. Gopal Raju says:

    Sounds good…Will have to try this out.

  50. bujursangkar says:

    wow…cool tutorial, i’ll implement this technique in my blog soon. Thanks ^^

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