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  • Jared

    For anyone who may Google how to disable a user account (which I sure did) and stumbles upon this, all the existing solutions out there were over complicated or poorly written.

    I wrote a very simple plugin with no thrills or setting that only lets you do just that:

  • Rama

    Change the account email to something else. Change the password. – Done! So simple!

    No need to download, install, etc. extra plugins.

  • Brad Dalton

    Good plugin.

    Another way would be to change their role to subscriber.

  • Rg Enzon

    Thank you for this useful tip! Very handy indeed. :)

  • H Harkness

    What would be the advantage of this over just setting the role to “no role for this site”?

    • Editorial Staff

      This doesn’t let them login at all.