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  • Shmoo


    Do you think it would also work at Custom Post Types with a Tags Taxonomy attached to them?

    It’s the same core technology right,
    Asking this because I was thinking of using it or maybe change it a little if possible so it would work at the bbPress plugin. Topics inside bbPress forums plugin are also some kinda Posts like WP and have a Tagging feature. Only problem is, if you let members submit Tags manually to topics it becomes a spammy system very quickly – I don’t believe in the entire use Tags as SEO thing , I see them more as great navigational -/filtering element to your content if you pick your Tags very carefully and don’t overdo them.

    I saw this Live example at Zurb’s Forum. They also add Tags automatically underneath each topic based on what element of Foundation you’re asking a question about.

    I love this idea so much, very clean and simple but also extreme great navigation wise and for listing specific topics.

  • Neal Schaffer

    Thanks! I had to install and then delete a few “automatic” tagging plugins because they didn’t work or didn’t add value. This is awesome, especially because you can also import your current tags to save you time populating your tag database! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Paul Mountney

    How do i upload the Automatic Post Tagger into ‘/wp-content/plugins’? I don’t even know where that is or even how to get there in the first place.

    • Editorial Staff

      You would have to use FTP for that. Alternatively, you can watch our video here on how to install plugins:

  • Liam

    It’s great!

    Will be time saver :)

  • Glenn


    Thanks so much for sharing, this plugin totally rocks!

    Will be a massive time saver :)

  • Brad

    Well I wasnt using it but I sure am now lol. Like your WP finds

  • Navneet

    Awesome Post man……….