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  • Alexey

    Hi! Do you have localized versions? (I am interested in russian and german)

    • WPBeginner Support

      OptinMonster is translation ready but currently it does not come with any language files.

  • Ecoinomist


    I was looking at your OptinMonster and was wondering if it is responsive? On your case study page you did mention that it will not show unless the browser is at least 700px wide, does this mean that it is not responsible design? I mean in a mobile device, will the optin text be easy readable?


    • WPBeginner Support

      On smaller screens OptinMonster disables itself.

      • Oggy

        Do you have any plans to make it responsive in the future?

        • WPBeginner Support

          Yes we do have plans for that.

  • Deyson

    Will this be able to work with MyMail in the future?

  • Holly Van Hart

    Using OptInMonster, can you show pop-ups only to people who are not already subscribed to your email list?

    • WPBeginner Support

      No, sorry this feature is not currently available.

  • David Vick

    I have Adsense on my WP Blog Correct me if I’m wrong but they don’t allow you to have pop-ups or pop-overs & this is kind of what I read above with the exit pop-up technology?

    • WPBeginner Support

      Adsense disapproves putting their ads in lightbox popups … not lightbox popups altogether. OptinMonster is completely compatible with Adsense. OptinMonster lightbox popup comes with user controls so that users can turn it off. It does not affect user experience. You can even delay the popup to further improve user experience on your site.

  • Ryan

    Do you review any products that you do not get paid for, i.e. affiliate links?

    • WPBeginner Support

      We don’t review products. We show how to use them. and to answer your question, yes.

  • Jakub

    Why don’t you support GetResponse?

  • Samantha King

    I was really sure about this…until I went to leave the page and the email opt-in popped up!

  • Daniel Decker

    Sounds great! Going to give it a try. Thank you.

  • Rahul Kuntala

    Only ONE word: awesome!

    And only one question.

    Can I integrate it with GetResponse?

  • David

    Page level targeting? Sold. Sounds like an excellent plug-in. Will be interesting to see how this works.

    Also, doesn’t this plug-in now render Pippity.. useless? Definitely seems more powerful.

    • Editorial Staff

      Yes it does.