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Headway 3.0 – This looks pretty AWESOME for Beginners

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Headway 3.0 – This looks pretty AWESOME for Beginners

We already believe that Headway is the most beginner friendly WordPress theme. Recently on their official blog, they posted a small sneak peak into Headway 3.0 and some other very exciting / important news.

First and foremost, Headway team has been in collaboration with 3 top notch theme companies to produce some very nice looking child themes. So expect an increase in the variety of themes for headway. This is an amazing news for all of us Headway lovers.

Second, Grant Griffiths also stated that they will be changing the pricing modal for business sustainability reasons. Currently, all Headway customers make a one time investment for Headway Themes which include lifetime support and updates. However upon the release of Headway 3.0, the prices will go up, and it will be a recurring fee either annually or semi-annually. Those users that are already grandfathered in before the release of Headway 3.0 will still keep the unlimited updates and support for no additional payments. So if I were you, I would get grandfathered in RIGHT NOW! Grab your copy of Headway Themes now and get a 20% OFF discount if you use the coupon “wpbeginner”.

Last but certainly not the least, check out the video to see what is coming in Headway 3.0.

Don’t waste time and end up being the late adapters who pay recurring to get updates and support. Get grandfathered into the old pay model by grabbing your copy of Headway Themes now (20% off coupon – wpbeginner)

P.S. One of our users asked where to enter the coupon code. When you go on the check out page, look at the bottom right, below the Register and Purchase Button. There is a very small link that says “Have a Coupon Code?” Click on that, and you can enter it there…

Update: They just posted another detailed screencast of how the grid system will work:

Don’t waste time and end up being the late adapters who pay recurring to get updates and support. Get grandfathered into the old pay model by grabbing your copy of Headway Themes now (20% off coupon – wpbeginner)

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  1. GraceVenturaSardonicus says:

    Hi, I would like to sign up for Headway but can not reach the site. Any ideas?

  2. burgoo says:

    Hi, do you have any idea of the release date for 3.0 beta for those with developer option? I see lots of promo but no info on when it might be available, and see no announcements on the support forum.

  3. AlbertAlbs says:

    I’m sorry. I have to give up. They are not responding to pre-sales support questions. I sent two questions regarding the theme usage which I could not find the answer in their website.

    I have to suspect their customer support after purchasing theme.

    What about your experience with their customer support? @wpbeginner @WPBeginner – WordPress for Beginners

    • wpbeginner says:

      @AlbertAlbs Our experience with Headway has been great. What pre-sales questions you have? Perhaps we can answer them here.

      • AlbertAlbs says:


        Well. The Question is, Can I use Headway themes to create new “branded theme package”?

        I mean, I want to put my name as designer and release it in the WordPress Themes directory. Is it possible?

        What about PSD to WordPress? Is it possible at Headway themes?

        • wpbeginner says:

          @AlbertAlbs Headway is a framework. So sure you can create child themes (also known as skins) and put them in the WordPress theme directory once it becomes available, however you cannot put Headway core files in there.For a skin or child theme to work properly, the parent theme (headway framework) must be present. So users must have to buy Headway, and then upload your skin.

          There are a lot of people who build child themes for Headway and sell it to other people.

          You can also do PSD to WordPress with Headway. A lot of service providers do that as well.

        • AlbertAlbs says:

          @wpbeginner Thanks for your explanation. I should buy Headway themes.

      • GraceVenturaSardonicus says:

        @wpbeginner@AlbertAlbs I am trying to sign up for Headway and can’t get to the site. Any ideas?

        Thanks, Grace

        • AlbertAlbs says:

          @GraceVenturaSardonicus@wpbeginner@AlbertAlbs Looks like they are still working on site update. Try sometime later.

        • wpbeginner says:

          @AlbertAlbs@GraceVenturaSardonicus Its live now.

  4. DigMo says:

    @colinnapier looks very impressive, need to watch them all,

  5. Nancy Bain says:

    VERY nice – thanks!

  6. WPBeginner - WordPress for Beginners says:

    Yes it can be linked… you can use any RSS pulling plugin… or if it is on Multi-site then you can run some DB queries to pull the information.

  7. inkdork says:

    @dnavarrojr Ah, thanks for clarifying that difference for me. :)

  8. dnavarrojr says:

    The @inkdork Themeframe is an external program for creating WP themes. You design/create your theme, then upload it. It’s not an online framework like Headway, Thesis, Genesis, Catalyst, etc… I have a client with Genesis and I found it powerful, but difficult to use. I own a single license for Catalyst which I have found power and easier to use, but watching the video for Headway, I think it will be the easiest to use of all. If I hadn’t just spend $3500 in auto-repairs, I’d buy-in to Headway now. Not to be mean, but I’m hoping they have enough delays that I can get it in mid September when I get paid again.

  9. inkdork says:

    There is also a theme developer called Theme Frame (I believe it is currently in the end of Beta right now) by the folks who did the Atahualpa theme (Bytes for All). While that one from what I have read will require knowledge of CSS styling, and knowing the names of the attributes you want to modify, I am wondering which one these would actually be more complete in terms of being able to customize everything. I was considering purchasing Theme Frame but now it looks like it may have competition.

  10. dnavarrojr says:

    Man, I hope they don’t release 3.0 before I get my next royalty payment… It looks fantastic.

  11. Crysislevel says:

    kool theme. dey make gr8 wordpress themes! :)

  12. Beta says:

    I have just purchased the developers version. I have gone through all the theme’s that are available for purchase and I have decided on Headaway. Definitely accurate on the “beginners” type of tool. But, in team it can and will be more – Always optimistic.

    Thank you for the coupon. Helped even more in the decision.



  13. OurBubble says:

    Just buy this product, I just did and am very satisfied. Can not imagine what improvements 3.0 will be, the current version is already making me happy!

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