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Site5 is one of the most popular web hosts that have special plans just for the WPBeginner users and the WordPress community. They have excellent support, but most importantly they have excellent service. They are one of the WordPress hosting companies that can offer location specific web hosting. Aside from various locations in U.S./Canada, they have servers in Netherlands, Romania, London, Sydney, Brazil, India, and Singapore. They offer shared hosting as well as VPS and Cloud hosting.


  1. Steve Horn says:

    I’ve used Site5 for over 2 years now. It was a nice, cozy little company but recently was acquired by another company. I have three accounts. One by one, each has been migrated to another server and performance is OK but there are some issues with BackUpBuddy that cause a simple migration to take over 24 hrs with their back end support to fix. The horrible part of this is their current support service which is practically non-existent. Phones are never answered. Chat took me over an hour to determine that the agent could not understand what I was asking no matter how many times I repeated…3 to 5 minutes between responses. A support ticket that was created some how got lost and a new ticket is not being responded to now…. at all.

    I think they’re migrating their ticket system and perhaps their phones and chat too? Hoping for a reason for this all to be happening with what was once a very nice company to work with.

  2. Real Research says:

    Site 5 has really fast servers. Some of the fastest that I’ve ever worked with as a web designer, and I was really excited when I began using them. However, that doesn’t make up for the copious problems in dealing with them. The company is very heavy handed and consistently interferes with the operation of peoples’ accounts. Here are the issues that drove me away from ever wanting to use them ever again, and why I tell my clients to stay away:

    – When I first signed up, I called them to tell them my usage would be higher as I was getting all my sites moved over, which requires some bandwidth. Nonetheless they sent me a punitive sounding usage warning email, threatening to suspend my account – within 48 hours of becoming a customer.
    – In that same first 48 hours, their servers were down for 36 of them.
    – They have really sensitive IP blacklisting filters. This means that your own IP address will frequently get blacklisted and you will be locked out of your accounts, and it will take 30 minutes to restore access every time this happens (4-5 times a month on average, for me.)
    – This will especially happen if you try to access your sites or your account when traveling in different states (I’m not even talking about abroad, here). Then your account will get flagged for fraudulent activity.
    – You’ll have constant password problems because Site5 requires you to have several sets of them, which you use for different applications, and which they can’t keep straight. You’ll be asked for your passwords every time you have to contact support to get your IP un-blacklisted, and they’ll tell you you don’t have the right one when you do so they don’t have to help you. They won’t even look at your emails until you email them your password. I’m pretty sure that passwords in email have been proven to be a huge problem, and most companies advise you NOT to do this (Phishing scams, anyone?)
    – They have a large support staff, who will send you lots of emails with smiley faces in them, but that means no one ever takes charge of anything and your issues will rarely be resolved, because they are always passing the buck to someone else, and the buck never lands anywhere. It will take 2 or 3 attempts with customer service each time you need something, like getting your IP address un-blacklisted.
    – God forbid you ever want to change your billing plan. I spent a month and about 10 hours with different departments trying to change my billing plan, and they made me set up a second account (rather than change my existing account) then refused to move the files between the two accounts, all while charging me for both.
    – When you quit using them, because of these issues above, and cancel your service, they will continue to bill you every month. Every month you will tell them that you cancelled the account, and every month they will continue to bill you.
    – The words “cease and desist” mean nothing to them, and they will continue to harass you.

    In short, Site5 has a huge bureaucracy that causes many problems with your account and then refuses to solve them, and even sends you condescending, pedantic sounding emails about it all, adding insult to injury. Fast servers are not worth the smiley-face condescending email and lockout nightmares you will endure.

  3. kristopher o. says:

    I’ve been with site5 for over 5 years and have never had a problem with them. Customer service is top notch and always willing to help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible. And best of all, they are always there.

  4. Nigel Wallace says:

    I have now been with Site5 for 4 years and yes they have down time (as most everyone done at one point or another) they are always there when you send in a tech question/request and work hard to get things working if something does go wrong. I had a client who updated his site and from the changes they made the site was hacked and overwritten, Site5 restore request had the site back to what it was a day before in about 20 minutes. My client was so very happy it was restored so quickly… I say if your looking for a great hosting company, Site5 is for you.

  5. Chris M. says:

    I have been with Site5 for over 5 years now. They have the odd down time or problem like all hosts, but they are always handled professionally and quickly. Their community forum is great as well. I have always found questions to my coding questions there, either from Site5 staff or other customers. For the price, the guys would be my first choice.

  6. Project Felix says:

    Site5 is one of the most affordable webhosting services on the net. I’ve always found their prices to be competitive. I also love the customer service. They not only want to see your issue resolved, but they take the time to inform you how they fixed it, this allows me to learn what went on, and how to resolve it if it happens again. Not many companies include small touches like that, and you even get a Bio on the support technician helping you.

    Site5 has really made this the ultimate experience in Webhosting.

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