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InMotion hosting has been a well-known industry brand with reliable performance for business class hosting. With award winning technical support and 99.9% uptime, they are a user favorite. Their unmatched U.S. based support is always there to help. InMotion Hosting's WordPress Hosting is optimized for active bloggers, and offers great scalability for your blog's growth.


  1. Marian Pena says:

    I have to admit, I am impressed with InMotion itself as a hosting company. I’ve never had any issues with bad support or tech help. However, my biggest gripe goes to the sheer amount of brute force attacks that seemed aimed at InMotion and not specific domains. I’ve only been with InMotion for about 5 months now and prior to that I never had any issues with google telling visitors my site had malicious code, or the amount of resources being to highly used on the site itself. I’ve spent more time in the last month trying to fix issues that frankly were never an issue on my old host that I’m now questioning why I left that other host. I wish I could remember now why I left.. but I am seriously thinking about going back.

  2. Ray says:

    InMotion Support team is above the rest!

    As I run my web design/development company I have had to deal with more then a dozen different hosting providers. I recently had to move multiple websites around the InMotion environment and update usernames/passwords. The live chat team was AMAZING – kind, respectful and knowledgable about what and how to get my questions accomplished.

    InMotion has easily jumped to one of the top 3 companies I will start recommending for my client to host their websites with!

  3. Martin Fabian says:

    InMotion continues to provide excellent service: The representatives have been professional, knowledgeable, efficient, personable, and helpful — every time I’ve called. After checking out several potential hosts over a significant period of time, it looks like I’ve found the best one available for my needs.

  4. Jacqueline H. says:

    I’ve been with InMotion for about two years now. Initial setup was a little challenging for me, but their chat-help was so good, I was up and running in a pretty short time. Since then, I have updated my site regularly, and most times it is a breeze. Lately I have had issues with authorization (two occasions), but the chat help was AWESOME and got me running in a jiffy.
    I am 100% satisfied with InMotion Hosting. The have done a great job for me!

  5. Artur says:

    I’m sure they are one of the best company in the hosting market, they are fast, clever, kind and provide the best support i’ve ever tried for every issue.

  6. Stephen Milley says:

    I have transferred from a previous host to Inmotion Hosting, including my domain name (i.e. DNS). Everyone has been helpful in the process of getting everything transferred. The staff was friendly. courteous, patient, and knowledgeable.

    I recommend if you are going to transfer to this host, make sure you get your password, or key from your DNS. This would be located at the registration page of your domain name’s server, usually. This is what I discovered after transferring here.

    In addition, if your host has CPanel, there is a backup feature located on the website of your host’s control panel. I would backup this to your local drive and sent it to Inmotion Hosting. This is the most highly recommended option, after doing research online and reading the sent documentation.

    As you may tell, I have learned quite a bit between these last few days of switching! Thanks Inmotion Hosting

  7. Pat says:

    I see that is has been a while since anyone commented here, so perhaps it’s time for an update.

    I have been with InMotion Hosting for more than six years, the past four years on their “Power” plan, but due to the past two months of hell with their tech support, I am looking for a new host for my WordPress site.

    As others have noted, they are available 24/7, but whenever I’ve called, they’ve told me to submit an e-mail ticket. When I do that, I get a mostly cut-and-paste response referring me to online articles, some of which are out-of-date, some hard to follow, and some just plain wrong. So, for starters, I think they may be cutting back on tech support to save money, and it shows.

    My issue was the same as another commenter, which had to do with the brute force attacks. I received a resource overage warning, and when I contacted them to figure out why, they refused to look into it unless I jumped through a bunch of hoops. For example, they suggested that I install a specific caching plug-in. I suspected right away that that wasn’t the problem — my usage stats showed a very clear pattern of what time of day the overage was happening, and it had nothing to do with when I work or get the most traffic. It took them TWO MONTHS to admit that I was right in the first place and that the problem was brute force attacks. To add insult to injury, a new article they referred me to recommended caching plug-in that I’d always had!

    I’ve just had an exchange of several days with customer service. Their ultimate solution was for me to hire a developer, because they don’t monitor individual sites. That’s never what I asked for. I only wanted to know what was going on. With a couple of exceptions, their tech support e-mail responses didn’t address my specific questions, or they would take one of out of context and ignore the rest. So then I had to start taking up a bunch of time complaining about their responses, which of course got them very defensive and unwilling to find a real fix.

    I hope I’ve left enough specifics here so that those reading can see I’m not a troll for the competition.

  8. Walda Farmer says:

    Technical support is a major issue with me, including the hours when it is available. I do not work on our website at “traditional” hours and sometimes need help at crazy times. At Inmotion Hosting, someone is always there – and they are cheerful even at 2:00 in the morning! I cannot say enough good about each and every tech I have worked with. They are always efficient, knowledgeable and know the best workaround. I have not been disappointed yet. Thanks again for being there and answering my questions no matter when I contact you!

  9. Jessica Ward says:

    The customer service provided by InMotion was very clear and helpful. I was told exactly what to do to fix my problem while having a tech rep on the line with me. Couldn’t have been easier. Thank you!

  10. anca says:

    Lance Z. was very helpful with all my inquiries and provided specific information for my questions. Thank you.

  11. Jason Pietka says:

    Hello InMotion Hosting,

    I am just giving you some feedback on the awesome service I get everytime I call you guys. This is the best service I have ever had with a hosting company.

    You guys deserve a huge pat on the back. The last person I talked to was Mark S. and he was very helpful and went out of his way to help me.

    Thank you,

  12. Laura says:

    Just a quick note to let you know what great service I received from Jonathan W. today. He went above and beyond my expectations. I appreciate the great service.

  13. Kate says:

    I’m gonna have to go against the grain here. The customer service is OK, they are indeed available all day and night. It was GREAT while we were setting up our site. Since it’s been set up we’ve had nothing but trouble, and customer service is no help. The site has been down for hours every day because of one thing or another (first its “overcrowded servers” then its “server load time” then it’s a “malicious attack” and no one can ever tell us anything except “it will be back up soon”. No estimation of how long these down times will continue.

    We’ll be leaving inmotion as soon as humanly possible – they’ve been terrible. Worse than GoDaddy, and I didn’t even think that was possible.

    • Chris says:

      I have had a VPS account with inmotion for about 6 years now. I host about 9 client sites as well as 4 of my own. I have been very happy until the last ten days. A brute force attack has rendered all my WordPress site useless when it comes to admin. I told them yesterday I’m exporting everything and getting ready to move all my sites if they don’t get it fixed by this weekend. We’ll see what happens…

      • Editorial Staff says:

        The brute force attack has been targeting a lot of sites and hosting providers (not just IMH).

    • Kate says:

      I don’t buy that all of our problems were even related to the brute force attack. IMH ended up suspending our account because the TimThumb on our site was being targeted “40,000 times a day” and basically that because of this our site was a “security risk” for all the other sites on the server and that it would continue to be suspended and eventually would just be pulled down altogether. And yes, I’m aware that there were security issues with timthumb….a few YEARS ago. Both the theme author and the new host we contacted (one of those wordpress specific hosts) told me this was crap.

      what it boils down to is that for whatever reason – server load, malicious attack, timthumb (one of the most common wordpress scripts there is) – IMH couldn’t handle our site. Instead of helping us fix the issue or god forbid, fixing it on their end – they chose to suspend the account and threatened us with cancelling it all together in the end.


      • Kate says:

        As a point of fact – our site’s traffic has more than tripled in mere months since we left inmotion. Never once…not even for a second…has it crashed. In conclusion: InMotion sucks.

        • Fatos says:

          And where did you move from InMotion Hosting?

        • Raagavan says:


          Where did you move to? I’ve had a real bad experience with GoDaddy, and looking for alternatives. Please advise.

  14. Miriam Radakovich says:

    I am curious as to why the comments on InMotion seem to be so “bunched”? The time stamps are clustered around a small number of dates (June 21 – 29, then nothing until July 18, then a few after that. Seems odd…and makes me a little suspicious that the comments were not entirely unsolicited and authentic. Just an observation. Thanks.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Nothing suspicious there. When we created this page, we tweeted out publicly asking our users to leave reviews about their favorite hosts. Then we did it once again. This page is not very easy to find, so when we tweeted about it… our users came and left comments. After that, none so far.

  15. Leanne says:

    I’ve used In Motion Hosting for several years now. Their customer service is wonderful! They have walked me through several things i didnt know how to do. Their online tutorials are also fabulous. I recommend them without hesitation!

  16. Dave H says:

    I switched to InMotion several months ago and I have to say that I like everything about it. I’ve tried just about every shared hosting service out there and had below average results. InMotion is by far the fastest and most reliable host to date. I was expecting ho hum like the others, but was most pleasantly surprised. Try it, you’ll like it!

  17. Mindy says:

    I’ve never experienced such great customer service. The online chat support is the easiest and most convenient support around! I love InMotion Hosting and never hesitate to ask for help from their fabulous customer support department.

  18. Tracy Love-Silver says:

    I am overjoyed with my experience with your online tech support and phone help line. Several months ago I signed up my husband’s firm for your service, bought a domain and designed the website, only to find out that our broker-dealer’s compliance wouldn’t allow us to use you. Very unhappily, I was forced to move that domain and start over again. It was YOUR tech support–NOT the new guy’s–that ultimately turned what could have been a nightmare (when you don’t know this stuff) into a bearable transaction.
    Today, I signed up to transfer an existing website for my own company (not a financial services site) TO you guys, and again, your on-line support was great. Given that this technical stuff is something akin to water-boarding to me, you guys have definitely earned my gratitude on both ends of the process. I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone (that didn’t have to make the Securities Exchange happy!)

  19. Andre says:

    InMotionHosting is real quality, indeed.

    They are what they say they are, but far more than that.

    For anyone who needs their own website, I strongly recommend InMotionHosting, I really do. Get the package you need. And, when support is needed, they are there 24/7! Always helpful! My experience with them is that no questions are too stupid. Actually, my experience is that they are there, when you want things to work, and it will!

    I can truly recommend InMotionHosting.

    Kind regards,


  20. Brett says:

    In Motion Hosting’s tech support has always been super friendly and quick to respond to my chat requests. As a graphic designer serving as a webmaster, IMH’s tech support team has been an invaluable partner to our business’ online presence.

  21. Gregg Hunter says:

    About InMotion Hosting:

    You guys provide something that seems to be rare today, GREAT customer and technical service!!!
    I have contacted your tech support numerous time for assistance because I am a newbie to websites and hosting. Even though the problems I have encountered are because of my lack of knowledge, your techs have patiently walked me through what ever I’ve encounter with courtesy.
    Your company demonstrates what it takes to be #1 in a very competitive business.
    Keep up the good work!!!!
    Gregg, “a customer for life” Thanks!

  22. Nike Media Group says:

    In Motion Hosting always goes the extra mile whether it’s related to customer support, billing or just to answer quick tech questions.

    Two thumbs up on the entire (stellar) customer experience… this is one reason why we continue to choose In Motion Hosting!!

  23. Carl Kangas says:

    Before I chose a hosting company, I did some research. I googled; I read reviews; I asked questions. InMotion Hosting was not the cheapest hosting service, but was always in the top three. The most common comment I heard was that InMotion has good customer service. That’s the reason why I chose your company over all the others.

    Well, I need to say that those comments have been proven time after time since I signed up with you guys. Keep up the good work and you will have a customer for life.

    Thank you!

  24. Alexander Waid says:

    Support personnel are always very helpful and patient. They will always help me work through any Webpage issue, even if it has nothing to do with our hosting (we were having an issue with our Google mail accounts).

  25. Daddyo says:

    Thank you InMotion Hosting for your quick support of my questions about my technical issues. Nick W. was extremely helpful as well as several other phone technicians that I have spoke with and chatted with about my issues. I really love the quick service and being able to contact you 24/7. Thank you again.

  26. Diljit says:

    im using inmotion hosting services since last 2 years. Best customer service and excellent support. i always recommend their services to new clients!

  27. Samantha says:

    So far I am extremely happy with InMotion… I, being a relative novice, last year built my own website and started offering products online, part of my frustration though was never being able to get hold of customer/tech support with my old web host when I had issues, or questions… If I had have known I could have the kind of support and fast service I have so far experienced with InMotion, I may have saved myself countless hours of wasted energy and time, flailing around in the dark! Switched over last week and so far, all services have been performed quickly, and the staff correspondence has been amazing – I even had a tech help me with an issue I had which was not even web host related (possibly he could have told me that the issue I had was not part of the service) however he still helped me figure it out! Over and above service – just the way we all like it. Keep up the awesome work InMotion!

  28. Sean Thomas says:

    I had a chat with Terrence H with inMotion hosting. He had my server up in running in no time. Very fast!

  29. Philippe says:

    Contacting the support team is always fast and I like it. Now that I know and have my
    credentials ready when I contact them, I get the tech support that I really need as an IT
    person myself. Plus, they are always very friendly which adds to the good experience.

    Great job guys and I will push more of my customers to your hostings services as I think your deserve it more than the ones I have already experienced in other places.

    Thanks again and many kudos for your good work.

  30. Simon Telling says:


    Jus to say we use WordPress for all our sites and we are curently hosted by InMotion Hosting in the US. We had a few issues moving one of our sites internally. I am so glad they offer Live chat support, we had a guy called Jason who assisted us when we could not figure out why our site was not working. I would highly recommend InMotion as a hosting company

  31. Darren S. says:

    Friendly, competant and helpful support. My problem was solved very quickly.

    I’ve been with In Motion Hosting for some time now, and on occassions when I do have to contact support, I am reminded as to why I enjoy being a customer. I am extremely happy with the service and the support.

  32. aydin says:

    Inmotion actually has the most responsive tech support and customer service of any company I’ve dealt with.

    Of all of the times I sit listening to music while waiting for a customer service representative, or block off a an hour to deal with some credit card quagmire, it is a lovely relief to have my hosting taken care of by inmotion.

    I’ve hosted with inmotion for five years now, and every email I’ve ever sent has been replied to in under six hours, and many problems have been concisely/immediately dealt with by their live chat tech support.

    As an information architect I deal intimately with many aspects of hosting, et al – for clients, students, myself – and every opportunity I have, I opt to go with or recommend inmotion.

  33. Masieh Tarin says:

    They were very helpful and a pleasure in setting up my email with Mac Mail. Thanks!

  34. Stephen says:

    I worked with your tech Matthew G today and he really took care of my issues and explained how to operate things really well. He helped me make my migration from MobileMe pretty painless. Thanks InMotionHosting!

  35. Sean Thomas says:

    I had an instant chat, and they were very quick to respond. Very good service. A+++++

  36. Haris Abdul Rahman says:

    your service is great , your attitude to answer our question is superb, i appretiate that you answerd my question which do not belong to your buinsness ( tehchincal)
    you r doing good and hope to comeback to you for any future service required

  37. Oren says:

    I have used another web host for one year and then switched to InMotion. I am very happy at their very quick response to ALL of my questions. They are very knowledgable in what they do. I highly recommend them!

  38. Bill says:

    I moved my primary web site from GoDaddy to Inmotion Hosting expecting a more reliable hosting service. I did my homework and Inmotion Hosting had great reviews from a wide range of sources so that convinced me switch to them. At first things went well but months into the relationship I noticed repeated interruptions in service, slow loading, server down, etc. These problems were due to their server, Inmotion even confirmed that. Each time I called they fixed the problem quickly, but what disturbed me is that they didn’t know about the problem until I called. No business owner can or should have to monitor his web site to assure it’s up. After the latest problem I received a request to comment on my experience with their customer service. Well I was tempted to write a negative comment but instead emailed them asking one last time for help in resolving the repeated server problems that were causing my site to be down. That was on Friday so I waited all weekend and then 2 full business days before getting an email from them. What they said was there were other customers on the same server that were causing spikes in server use and that in turn caused the problem. Their suggested remedy was for me to try another of their servers in the hopes of eliminating the problem. First, it is not me causing the problems but I should make the move? How about moving the offenders to another server, or better yet require them to upgrade to a dedicated server or at least one with fewer subscribers and able to handle the load without disrupting the service of other customers that are not taxing the system. I replied via email my thoughts immediately after receiving their email. Another day has passed and no reply.
    I fear that what has happened with Inmotion is the same thing that has happened with many other good companies, they have grown too big too fast and customers are not much more than numbers to them. I am getting more reliable service from sites I still have hosted at GoDaddy, sites that I pay less for hosting service. The site hosted at Inmotion is a primary source of revenue so when it’s down I’m losing money. It seems to me it would be so easy for them to stop the problems and provide reasonably reliable service, why they have chosen not to do so is bewildering to me.

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Hello Bill,

      We always love getting honest feedback from our users. Because not only it helps other users in making the right decision, but it also helps the hosting provider look into these issues. As we mentioned in our article about WordPress Hosting, this is one of the biggest downside of any shared hosting. Having ran a hosting company of our own in the past, we can totally understand both side’s perspective. If you have a few hundred “small” websites on a server, and suddenly one or few sites start taking up a lot of server resources, then it significantly effects the rest. It is the job of the web host to make sure things run smoothly. However, sometimes this gets relatively harder as your company grows. Also there are unexpected traffic spikes that cannot be taken in account for.

      While we totally understand your concerns of “why should you have to move, when you are NOT violating anything”, perhaps it would be best to take them up on that offer. Often web hosts find a need to switch sites from one server to another. Chances are that you won’t see much of a downtime, and you also won’t have to do any maintenance. In most cases it is as simple as, their staff taking a zip of your site from one server and moving it to another. They leave your current site as-is until everything is fully done and working right. Then they pull the plug on the old one. Users are not affected in migrations of this sort because your site never goes down. Sometimes, companies do this without your permission. They will send a mass email informing everyone. Other times, they ask for your permission.

      Once again, thanks for leaving your honest feedback. We totally appreciate your time. We have pinged our friends over at InMotion to take a look over at this issue.

    • George says:

      Hi Bill –
      I had the SAME exact experience, so I am very glad to hear I am not the only one. The downtime and response was awful from about Sept 2011 to May 2012. The summer of 2011 I switched from GoDaddy to InMotion b/c of GoDaddy politics and the great reviews of InMotion. However it is the biggest mistake I ever made. Since that switch my business traffice has gone way down. I never ever had this problem on GoDaddy with shared hosting so this was a shocker. My AdWords were getting clicks, but then it would take 30-60 seconds for the site to load and I’d never get someone on my site.

      I still occasionally see the problem of very slow load time which is what brought me to Google “best WordPress hosting companies” and your review.

      Yours is the first review I have seen similar to my InMotion experience so had to reply.

      Oh and the customer service being great I hardly find true at all. At GoDaddy a call gets answered right away. At InMotion I sometimes wait 5 minutes. Also the InMotion billing department kept making the same billing mistakes on my account several times. Not even an apology or simple ‘sorry’.

      Overall I am very unsatisfied with InMotion. Switching hosting providers is a PITA else I would do it immediately and given my experience with InMotion I absolutely cannot recommend them.


  39. Jerome says:

    A customer service quality that every company should look up to and copy. Obviously values their customers

  40. Chris says:

    In motion has proven to be a solid service and even further accented by second-to-none customer service and support!!!

  41. alan says:

    Excellent customer support. Have used it on a number of occasions to sort out problems which were not of their doing but hindered my performance accessing my sites information. The nice part of this was that the support crew is state side which meant a lot to me. Much appreciated and have been with inmotion for nearly 5 years now.

  42. Alexandra Fiona Dixon says:

    Called yesterday because I wanted to password protect a directory on my web site. I did not have to wait at all and the guy who helped me (can’t remember his name!) was fabulous. He figured out everything I needed to do, although it took a couple of passes through because some sort of nerdy “permissions” on his end needed to be reset with a script.

    I ended the call feeling confident that if I ever need help even in the middle of the night, I can pick up the phone and resolve my problem quickly. He also explained stuff as he was going along, and gave me a mini tour of the customer interface, so that next time I will be able to log on faster and get to the section I need and perhaps resolve any issues for myself.

    • Alexandra Fiona Dixon says:

      PS I switched to InMotionHosting a few years ago after being with a couple of other hosts. My last host was and while they were great in the beginning, after a couple of years they apparently got so big they couldn’t keep up with the demand for tech support, so I was never able to call and speak to anybody. I’d have to leave a message or call back. Plus, their monthly rates for hosting were way higher than InMotionHosting. I did a lot of research before selecting IMH, asked friends on FB, etc, and I am very happy with the choice I made!

  43. Corky M. says:

    Tech support is by far the best I have experienced. Over the past 10 years I have been with three of the other “popular” hosts and never got the hands on, super fast support like I get from In-Motion. Very very happy with my choice and all of my client’s sites I host on IM are happy with their uptime and speed.

  44. Jean says:

    As a first time user. I am very impressed by the prompt and accurate problem solving services conducted by the technical support team. Five stars!

  45. Bill says:

    We had a great experience setting up our first website. InMotion made it completely painless. Tech assistance — nonpareil.

  46. John says:

    My tech problems were quickly resolved and I appreciate the high quality customer service I received. Thanks!

  47. Mike Juby says:

    I appreciate the quick response and the friendly customer service.

  48. Teresa says:

    Great service as usual.

  49. Don Chambers says:

    Your tech folk delivered fast and friendly and accurate problem solving.
    Thank you

    • Ron Bodsford says:

      I can’t say enough good things about the support that I have received. Everyone at InMotion is FANTASTIC. I am so glad the we found InMotion Web Hosting. Thanks to all at InMotion!!!

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