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Retargeting – What the Hell is it & How can I make Money with it?

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Retargeting – What the Hell is it & How can I make Money with it?

One of the interesting sessions I attended at Affiliate Summit West 2012 was about “Retargeting – What the hell is it & how can I make money with it?”. The session was presented by Joanna Lord from SEOMoz. You can follow her at @joannalord.

Joanna Lord from SEOMoz

What is Retargeting

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, keeps your brand in front of your online audience after they leave your website. In other words, act of putting your message in front of lost prospects.

Sounds Cool, Give me the numbers

More than 90% of visitors who browse a retailers site do not complete a transaction in their visit.

Retargeted consumers are nearly 70% more likely to complete a purchase as compared to a non-retargeted consumers.

Retargeted customers spend, on average 50% more than those served with non-targeted banner ads.

Top 10 Retargeting Tactics

  • Go after the 90% – Optimize for the person not the action!
  • Embrace what is unique – Capitalize visually on what makes your brand memorable. The user should almost have the effect like “It’s so pretty and fancy and bling, bling, bling”.
  • Test Sequence Retargeting – The the story. You can show what the user sees 1st, then what they see 2nd etc. You can say after 30 days the user should see this. Then after 60 days, they should see this. You can build a very loyal audience like this using trusting figures.
  • Expecting More from the Data – Know what to expect, micro manage your way there. Impressions, CTR, CPC & CPM, Conversions. 15 – 20 impressions per user is a good number to shoot for. CTR a good number to shoot for B2B .15% – .20%. For B2C .30% – 1.0%
  • Raising the Bar for Conversion – Choose your triggers wisely (& sequence them). Normally promotions are considered agressive, but in retargeting you know your audience. You can be as agressive and personalized because you can evaluate/predict the results.
  • Use Retargeting as a Cheap Testing Vehicle – Test any and every truth you operate under
  • Get Social – Engaging with strangers is nice. Engaging with qualified leads is better. (Pro Tip: Use Social Icons in Ads)
  • Combo Brand Plays – Subliminal messaging FTW. Test each element by using split testing options.
  • Drop that cookie like it’s hot. Go beyond the on-site retargeting… You work with partners so you can cross-pollinate the ads (i.e cross promotion). Where else can you build a relevant audience? Emails, blogs, and such.
  • Think outside the box! If you want to be really good, then be creative. What is unique about you? What is the coolest part about you? What are your engagement calls? How can you relate to your audience? How do users remember you? This is about fine-tuning to your most loyal audience.

Where to Start?

Start building out your first audience. Drop pixels on your sites, so you can collect the data. Make sure you cover your A** with TOS and Privacy Policy.


– The way we consume information has changed, so should our marketing efforts.
– Retargeting enables us to go after pre-qualified leads with a more tailored message.
– Get Creative, embrace what is quirky, and throw the rule book out for creatives.
– Customization is key. Customize every piece of the Retargeting Pie.

Companies to Use

Retargeter, Adroll, and FetchBack are her recommendations.

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  1. James says:

    I’m all for the concept of re targeting if its done right. I have been chased by one company for 3 months now, what they don’t realise I have already purchased the product from another company, its got to stage I just keep clicking their ad to burn their cash!

  2. srpatterson says:

    I see Google Ads doing this all the time by placing an add on a new site from a site that I just visited, but I have no ideal how to do this from the small number of sites that I run.

  3. PJExchange says:

    @ryancharleston @FetchBack Us GSI Family of Companies gotta stick together!

  4. ryancharleston says:

    Great recap on your presentation about retargeting joannalord. ! You speak well and direct to many aspects of quality retargeting. On behalf of myself and @FetchBack, good job! We’re working on lots of innovative things here so anytime you want to chat let me know! Stats, data, info, case studies, etc. you can use as needed!

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