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Get A Free Pass to BlogWorld Expo LA 2011

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Get A Free Pass to BlogWorld Expo LA 2011

BlogWorld Expo is coming to LA, and for the third time in the row we will be attending. What’s even better is that we have passes to giveaway. The conference is scheduled for November 3-5 at Los Angeles Convention Center. BlogWorld is the first and only industry-wide conference, trade show and media event for all new media. We attended the first BlogWorld in Vegas, and we have been back since then. The event is very informational, and you meet tons of great people. Some of the amazing speakers at this event are: Darren Rowse (@problogger), Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan), Mari Smith (@marismith), and our very own Syed Balkhi (@syedbalkhi).

If you’re looking to take your blogging to the next level, expand your audience, grow your business, then attending BlogWorld is a MUST. We are giving away: 1 x two day pass, and 3 x one day passes. Here is how you can get a pass:

First you need to retweet the following message:

Win a FREE pass to @BlogWorldExpo Los Angeles #BWELA from @wpbeginner – (RT to Enter)

Second, you need to reply to this post with a link to your tweet and explaining why you deserve to win the pass. The winner will be selected based on the quality of their reply which will be reviewed by our team. BlogWorld is a life changing event where you learn from leading industry experts, and we want to give the pass to someone who really wants it.

Please only enter if you plan to go. These passes CANNOT be resold. We are only giving away the passes, so you are still responsible for paying the travel costs (loding, airfare etc). We WILL invite you to dinner in Los Angeles but other than that, you’re on your own for the expenses. The deadline for entering is Friday, October 14th, 2011. The winners will be announced the same day.

If it is not feasible for you to attend in person, then we highly recommend that you get the Virtual Ticket for BlogWorld which will get you access to all session recordings plus bonuses.

To get a preview of BlogWorld, check out the video below:

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  1. Tainted Eye says:

    My tweet is:!/taintedeye/status/124587861973540864

    I’m a new blogger and looking to meet the man of my dreams and have heard BWELA has a captive audience for me to interview prospective husbands ;) No – seriously! I have my flight booked, hotel room and am just looking for a little help with the pass. If the man of my dreams is not to be found, a “conference crush” or three would be awesome research material! PICK ME :)

  2. heatherinbc says:

    Here’s the link to my tweet:!/heatherinbc/status/124557073781493761

    I bought my pass already, along with airfare & hotel so I’m raring to get to BWELA (my 4th time!) My daughter is coming with me to learn the ins & outs of blogging so I would love to win this pass for her. Crossing my fingers x

  3. heatherinbc says:

    Here’s the link to my tweet:!/heatherinbc/status/124557073781493761

    I bought my pass already, along with airfare & hotel so I’m raring to get to BWELA (my 4th time!) My daughter is coming with me to learn the ins & outs of blogging so I would love to win this pass for her. Crossing my fingers x

  4. ebflute says:

    I would love to attend this conference. I work on nonprofit websites using WordPress as a CMS and I am sure I would learn valuable tips to pass on to those nonprofits. @wpbeginner is one of my favorite wordpress mentors. Check out how we compare in a visually twitter faceoff:

    My tweet:!/ebflute/status/124735040293838849

  5. musical_finds says:

    I am new to the blogging world and can use all the help I can get! I really want to learn more about this industry and know that Blog World would help, but I cannot afford the price for a pass. I live in Los Angeles, so transportation and accomodations are not a problem. I would love to attend all three days, but would be grateful for anything I could get a pass for.

    Did I mention I am also working on my new blog using WordPress? You can follow/tweet me @musical_finds

    Here is a link to my profile with my tweet/entry:!/musical_finds

  6. Prof. Torg says:

    Here’s my Twitter profile to direct you to the Tweet. How do I just give you the link for one tweet?!/Bill_Torgerson

    Love to win my sis pass to Blogworld. She quit her Indiana job and just moved out to L.A. I’m working to make her a Blogworld convert. Also, going to send her over this way so she can make her own case. :)

  7. radmoose says:

    I tweeted, therefore I entered. =)!/radmoose/status/123759329844277248

    Note to @WPBeginner – WordPress for Beginners : While I would love to go all 3 days, I currently have transportation issues that would only allow me to be there on Friday. Personally, I would be happy with even just an Expo Pass as I really do want to go to learn more about what is going on lately in the blogging world. (and wish someone was also giving away the virtual event.

    I do run a bunch of WordPress sites for companies, which are more of “brochures” than “blogs” at this time. I also ran a successful twitter account that was acquired by a major west coast restaurant chain earlier this year.

    Going to @blogworldexpo would allow me to interact and network with other bloggers and companies to find out more about what is happening and build up possible future partnerships.

    Plus I really hate being cooped up int this room at my condo all day staring at the screen =)

  8. plowright_s says:

    I definitely want this! I need a crash course in blogging and this seems to fit the bill (why not learn from the best instead of struggling on your own?). My tweet’s at!/plowright_s/status/124125681952112643 (thank you Kerwin!). I would be attending virtually (as much as my bosses love to expand their employees’ understanding of all things digital, I suspect a paid vacation to LA is not high on the list). Any information I gather I would be passing on to a whole new generation of bloggers (and when I say that, I mean people who haven’t blogged before, not necessarily young people): picking me would not be a waste of a ticket. And, of course, check out my blog ;) (it’s early days yet :P)

  9. blogworldexpo says:

    @mikestenger *ahem* EXCUSE ME? You’re NOT GOING!? Um, this was NOT cleared with me. ;) ~ Lara

    • mikestenger says:

      @blogworldexpo Yeah, its a bummer. Has to do w/finances & not because there’s no interest.

  10. jarredlawrence says:

    I love that blogging has taken citizen journalism to the next level. We the people deserve a more informed public, and a majority of bloggers take their role in shaping public opinion very seriously. This conference is a great place to develop relationships with bloggers from all over the socio, political, and economic spectrums.

    I help resource bloggers with the most interesting and up to date information on a myriad of topics. And I also help drive traffic from a bloggers desired targeted demographics. I believe I would be a great choice for the free pass due to the fact that I support and empower bloggers to produce the best content possible.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

    Here is my tweet –!/jarredlawrence/status/123830674057736192

  11. HaHasforHooHas says:

    HaHas for HooHas dot com tweeted at!/HaHasforHooHas/status/123824995985133569.

    We should get free tickets because (a) HaHas for HooHas is a funny eCard website for funny women (which is pretty awesome) (b) Yes, we said “HooHas” (which is also pretty awesome) (c) the faster our site grows, the sooner we can dedicate time, money and resources towards important causes for women (see our breast cancer awareness campaign) and (d) our mascot is a maxi pad named Max.

    I think we’re obviously winners here. Right? God, we hope so.

  12. mskonfa says:

    Neat @WPBeginner – WordPress for Beginners . I tweeted at!/mskonfa1990/status/123806104680529920. I blog in the travel space and didn’t quite make it as a speaker this year, so free tickets to the sessions would totally rock so I could meet the speakers in my vertical.

    Its also a great place to meet other bloggers. I’ve met a few of the top bloggers since I’ve been attending Blogworld.

  13. PopcornReads says:

    Just tweeted the required tweet. I’m @PopocornReads – no clue how to get the exact status address, which shows you 1 reason I need to win this!

    I started my book review blog in May 2011 and have grown it to almost 6,000 unique visitors/month & almost 16,000 page views/mo. It’s my passion and I love it. I’ve been working at it full-time 12 hrs/day & 7 days/wk to make that happen. I’ve hit a wall in what I know how to do and really need outside expertise to go to the next level; however, I am unemployed, so I have no funds to attend a movie, much less BlogWorld – even though I live in the Los Angeles area and know what an amazing opportunity it is. I’ve been scrambling to try to find some way to pay to go to this but haven’t come up with any way to do it. Winning this would be a godsend for me in so many ways!

  14. Designpx says:

    Here’s my Tweet:!/designpx/status/123786601502482432

    I am not a new blogger.

    Currently, nearly 90% of my life is focused on building my business (<a href=”” title=”WordPress Development”>Designpx</a>) which is directly related to WordPress and blogging in general.

    For years I’ve read, competed with, Tweeted about, and enjoyed many of the web/blogging materials offered by the likes of Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan, Syed Balkhi, etc.

    I’d like the opportunity to extend my reach and rub elbows with the pros.

  15. thekitty says:

    i tweeted!/thekitty/status/123760989001891840 .. Am a noob blogger that would love to check out what the big kids in the blog world are up to :D

  16. dp.babycrib says:

    Hi! I would love, love to get this pass. I’ve tweeted about this:!/HipChickBlog/status/123778187242119168

    I started a pregnancy blog in November 2009, and through trial and error, I have gained a PR of 3, over 1,500 Twitter and Google Friend Connect followers. In the past year, I’ve been sued for trademark infringement due to my domain name, which forced me to have to change domain names and hire a lawyer. I have also lost my Google Adsense from a competitor sabotaging my efforts. Regardless of all this, I have found other advertising methods and kept on blogging. I think the BlogWorld Expo would offer me an amazing opportunity to learn more about blogging, how social media plays a role, how to overcome Google Panda and other future updates they may have, and how to take my blog to the next level. I am always reading and learning more about how to grow my blog. I think this expo would be a huge benefit to me, as a blogger who is just starting out.

    Hope you’ll consider me!

  17. WPBeginner - WordPress for Beginners says:

    Follow the directions, “post a comment in the post” :)

  18. 'Zimbrul Dotcodotuk says:

    Gimme the pass…

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