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How to Embed an External RSS Feed in WordPress Posts via Shortcode

RSS Hacks for WordPress

Have you ever seen showcases like 25 best XYZ sites to follow? Usually these tutorials have the site name, site screenshot, a small description, and the list of recent posts. The main issue with those posts are the list of recent posts which gets outdated… Read More »

Posted on:
Aug 31, 2011
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How to Create Feed Only Content in WordPress with Shortcode

Custom Content RSS

In the past, we have shown you how to add a shortcode in WordPress. We have also shown you how to use the shortcodes in your WordPress themes. In this article, we will show you how to use shortcodes to create feed only content. Normally,… Read More »

Posted on:
Aug 30, 2011
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How to Disable Plugin Deactivation from WordPress Admin Panel

Disable Deactivation

One of the best parts about WordPress is the availability of plugins that makes your job easy as a user and as a developer. Often when creating sites for clients, we as developers use plugins that are absolutely crucial for the site to have certain… Read More »

Posted on:
Aug 29, 2011
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How to Show Hidden Custom Fields in WordPress

Show Hidden Custom Fields

Often when a plugin needs to utilize custom fields and work in the background, the authors make them hidden by adding an underscore to the name. This allows their plugin to work smoothly without any interruption. But if you are a developer trying to debug… Read More »

Posted on:
Aug 26, 2011
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How to Grayscale Images in WordPress

Grayscale Images in WordPress

Did you ever wonder if there was a way to automatically grayscale images in WordPress when you upload them? Well the wondering time is over. In this article, we will show you how you can use some simple PHP image manipulation tools and WordPress functions… Read More »

Posted on:
Aug 22, 2011
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How to Disable Trackbacks and Pings on Existing WordPress Posts

Disable Trackbacks

WordPress has the ability to receive and send pings/trackbacks from and to other sites. At WPBeginner we receive hundreds of spam trackbacks daily. In the past due to our theme structure, we had the trackbacks hidden however now when using livefyre we ran into the… Read More »

Posted on:
Aug 1, 2011
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How to Add a Free LiveChat option in your WordPress Blog

Live Chat in WordPress

I know, this is nothing new to many Internet users because thousands of websites selling products or services are already using live chat widget to be able to talk to their potential customers. When I first experienced this couple of years ago, I was very… Read More »

Posted on:
Jun 16, 2011
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