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How to Block Spam Comment Bots in WordPress with Honeypot


Spam comments are a big pain in the ***. To prevent spam comments, bloggers end up taking strict measures such as requiring people to register or have everyone enter a captcha before submitting a comment. Spam prevention controls such as captchas, math quiz, and registration… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 22, 2013
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How to Fix the Missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress

Schedule Post Error

WordPress has this wonderful feature that allows you to schedule posts to be automatically published at a specified time. This feature is a complete blessing for travel bloggers and bloggers who go on vacations. When you are in a different time zone, you don’t want… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 21, 2013
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How to Get a Siri Like Butler in Your WordPress Dashboard

WP Butler

WordPress has a very clean admin interface. There is a neat sidebar with menu item for each section of your site, e.g. posts, pages, comments, media, etc. However, you might want to try some shortcuts to do things more quickly. We discussed keybord shortcuts in… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 17, 2013
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How to Get Jetpack without a Account using Slim Jetpack

Slim Jetpack

Jetpack is a set of plugins developed by Automattic to bring functionality to users. Despite the fact that it is one of the most downloaded plugins in the directory, many do not like the way it forces users to connect with to… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 11, 2013
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How to Merge and Bulk Edit Categories and Tags in WordPress

Term Tools Management

There comes a time when a regularly updated blog needs a little spring cleaning. Managing categories and tags is an important part of this cleaning . If you are using custom taxonomies then you will probably have more terms to manage than just categories and… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 10, 2013
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How to Add MP3 Audio Files in WordPress

HTML5 Audio

Uploading audio and video files to WordPress using the Media Uploader is easy. Even though the media uploader recognizes these files and display appropriate file-type icons next to them, WordPress does not have a media player that can play these files. You can use a… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 9, 2013
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How to Add a Theme Demo Bar in WordPress

Theme Demo Bar

Most WordPress theme shops and marketplaces utilize a theme demo bar to make it easier for their users to preview themes. A theme demo bar is a toolbar that appears on top of a website with a theme selector menu. It allows you to create… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 8, 2013
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How to Add a PDF Download for Posts in WordPress


In the past we showed you how to add a printer friendly option for your posts. Recently, one of our users asked if there was a way to add PDF downloads for your posts. In this article, we will show you how to add a… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 4, 2013
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How to Build a Library Collection and Circulation System in WordPress

Running a Library with WordPress

WordPress often gets labeled as a blogging platform, but every day people are finding creative new ways of using WordPress. Recently, we came across a new plugin that extends WordPress and use it as the system to manage a library’s collection. It allows you to… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 3, 2013
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How to Add EXIF Photo Tags in WordPress

Add Exif Data to WordPress

WordPress is an awesome tool to share your photos with the world. It has great plugins and the best WordPress photography themes to showcase your images. EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) tags are metadata information saved with captured photographs and audio by modern digital devices.… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 2, 2013
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