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Why Every Small Business Needs a WordPress Blog for Their Social Media Strategy

Just Blog

This is a guest post by Jeannette Paladino (@jepaladino) Here’s good news if you’re a small business owner: social media has helped to level the playing field. In the past, smaller companies couldn’t compete against the corporate behemoths with huge advertising budgets to reach customers… Read More »

Posted on:
Jul 19, 2012
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6 Reasons Why We Switched Away from Livefyre


Almost exactly a year from today, we decided to make a major switch in our site and ran Livefyre Commenting System to replace the default WordPress comments. It was a product that we fell in love with from the start, and we established great relationship… Read More »

Posted on:
Jun 13, 2012
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Why WordPress Themes Should Not Have SEO Options and Why They Do?

SEO Options in WordPress Themes

Ever hear people recommending themes because they are “SEO Friendly”? Yes, we have recommended quite a few themes on this blog labeling it “SEO Friendly”. But what does “SEO Friendly” really mean and what some people think it means? In this article we will share… Read More »

Posted on:
May 22, 2012
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Is this the Future Product Placement Model in Free WordPress plugins?

Future of Product Placement

Up until recently, product placement in free WordPress plugins has always been a challenging task. We have seen numerous methods utilized by developers. Some included banner ads on the plugin options page, others released “lite” versions of the plugins, some used lightbox popups in the… Read More »

Posted on:
Apr 13, 2012
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7 Commercial WordPress Plugins / Services that Helped Me Grow My Blogs

Commercial WordPress Products

WordPress is a phenomenal platform. There are tons of free plugins, themes, resources out there that will help you grow your blog. There are also tons of commercial (paid) plugins / services that will help you grow your blog as well. Now how do you… Read More »

Posted on:
Mar 16, 2012
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Gravity Forms vs. Wufoo (Which is a better form management solution?)

Gravity Forms vs. Wufoo

Recently one of our users asked us which is a better form plugin between Gravity Forms and Wufoo. In the past we have done a lot of posts about Gravity forms but none about Wufoo. We have used both form management softwares personally, so we… Read More »

Posted on:
Jan 19, 2012
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Does WordPress Admin Bar Needs a More Dropdown?

Does the WordPress admin bar needs a More Dropdown?

If you have been playing around with WordPress 3.3 (Live Demo included) like us, then you have probably adapted to the new admin bar. Quite honestly, we love the new admin bar design. It is very clean looking (until plugin authors break it). As a… Read More »

Posted on:
Nov 16, 2011
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Pippity vs. Popup Domination (Which one is a better choice?)

Pippity vs. Popup Domination

Update: After a few years of trying out various different plugins, we realized that most solutions were buggy and didn’t solve all the problems. That’s why we created a much better solution for our own sites. It has A/B testing, built-in reporting, tons of great… Read More »

Posted on:
Oct 11, 2011
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Do we need a better 404 page for WordPress Plugins Repository?

404 Pages in WordPress

Update: Our opinion was heard. The Plugins repository now has a 404 page Have you ever found an article about a WordPress plugin that you think might be the solution? You click on the link just to find out that you landed on the WordPress… Read More »

Posted on:
Oct 10, 2011
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Should Blogroll “Links” be removed in favor of WordPress Menus?

Should Blogrolls be Removed

Yesterday, on our facebook page, we asked a question “If you could get rid of one feature or thing in WordPress, what would it be?”. Some folks from our community gave their opinion. We also asked the same question on twitter. One of our users… Read More »

Posted on:
Sep 28, 2011
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